Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year like a 3 year old ;)

Here are a few pics from our early low key NYE.
This one shoes exactly how tall...litte man is...he is well above or waists :P

Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's been a lazy day.

Poor Hubby was out working on something on my car to the wee hours last night and is now paying for it with a migrane. He has been in bed most of the day and of course Houston wants to play his REAL electric guitar my parents got him while singing into his microphone :P Little turkey.

Houston funny- The hubby let ds watch a little bit of SpiderMan 3 the other day while I was gone. So now whenever he does something bad he says " Mommy, I wearing da Black suit" and gives me a how didn't you know that look. WTH???LOL

The hubby will probably be up all night tonight:P No rest for me:P

Well, I will write more later, just wanted to let everyone or anyone who may read my sad,sad, little pathetic blog that we are alive :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Xmas haul...

Sadly, I took like 5 pics :P

Unwrapped Wrapped from me, daddy& Santa :)

Christmas is over and we are still alive :)

I am still trying to be as hoildayish as possible though. I decided to cook a big ol' dinner tonight. Ham, ranch potatoes, baked squash,stuffing, fried okra, mac and cheese and corn. It was sooooo dang yummy.

I couldn't even finish half a plate's worth..LOL I will post a pic, please excuse the bowls and plates I dumped them on when ready...I just wanted to have to pop the tops on to put away"P

It was delicious though:) And unhealthy:P

Ds got so much for Christmas , I am having a hard time figuring out where to put it all. Right now, it's all in clear plastic tubs:P I am going to purge some of his old stuff and give it to charity :)

All in all we had a pretty good hoilday. We kept it lowkey and focused on what's important :)

I will post a few Christmas pics too...don't judge me by Houston's stash 99% of it was bought on sale. My middle name is " Baragin Hunter-Coupon Queen", seriously ;)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

CHRISTmas fun....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we had a good Christmas. Houston was so very excited! We explained to him why we were celebrating Christmas. We watched Christmas movies and left out cookies and milk for ol' Ho Ho on Christmas eve after getting back from visiting my mom's family and hubby's twin brother and his family. It was fun!

Christmas morning, Houston got way to much stuff, but loved and was thankful for everything! He would exclaim " Wiggles EBD, I love the Wiggles." Etc.....It was cute :)

He has been in hog heaven playing with his stuff today. We bought him more educational stuff but of course he got lots of toys from family.

I will post some pics later, off to play a game of Lucky Ducks :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh and just for kicks...Christmas's Past....

Some Vintage Big Cheesy goodness..

I got my computer back with all my good ol' Houston pics....

Well I have been slowly but surely getting over the funk that I have had. Praise God! Yay,me.

I have gotten all the gifts that are going to be gotten. Yay, me again. It it isn't isn't going to be :O

Houston is soooo stinking cute with his love for Santa. We went to see him last night and he was so stinking excited. So excited I got the WORLD"S WORST santa pic. He is looking to the side with Jack Nicholson eyebrows..the one I snapped with my camera....Santa is holding his head to the front...yeah..not good. I think I am going to take him to visit the other Santa and hope for the best. So when he wakes up from his nap...he is getting put back in his Christmas outfit:P Obessive much?

Houston tells us something new he wants Santa to bring him everyday. The last few days he has went on and on about dinosaurs and fire we have franically tracked some down:P The craziest thing he has wanted was a "Crying Baby." Yeah, not happening, little man. If he thinks Santa is bringing that, boy will he be disappointed!

All my presents are wrapped and ready to go. We have to head to my mom's Christmas thing tomorrow. It should be fun. A big ol' Lebanese Christmas. I will post some pics, if I manage to get any good ones. I so wish I already had my DSLR, but it ain't going to happen :P Oh well, patience is a virtue.

My house is clean for the most part...thank god. I can have a lazy Sunday, for ONCE. :O I so dread fighting the traffic to go see Santa again:P

Monday, December 17, 2007

I swear I am blogging challenged.....

I read all these wonderful blogs and get totally wrapped up and invested in them...then there is mine. I swear it has to be the most boring blog ever.

Am I really this boring? Or just misunderstood?LOL

I have lots that I haven't updated here is it goes.

Houston had his developmental testing. They told me that day that they felt just like everyone else alot of his problem boils down to his seizures...who knows. I was supposed to meet with the school board on the 13th but wouldn't you know....I came down with a bad lung infection I am still trying to fight, so instead, I end up hooked up to massive dosages of steriods and antibotics trying to keep myself out of hospital....only time will tell.

I haven't even gotten half of the presents bought and yet I am supposed to stay home...I may have to turn the reins over to the hubby :O

I am still waiting on a few boxes from ebay. So of the stuff is my little sister's present...I ordered her alot of old babysitter's club books, she has started to read them and they aren't published anymore :( I also have a little confession....I ordered a duplicate or two for me on some of my old favorites....Am I nuts? My I have them for the daughter I may have one day...LOL Yeah, I am nuts.

I am also waiting on my new lcd for my laptop to wonderful hubby decided to fix my busted screen for christmas. Yay!!!!!! I miss having my own computer.

God, all these steriods are making me so hungry...I am about at the point of knawing off my arm...I need to lock up the fridge.

Houston's talking has really improved lately. Yeah, him. He is still behind but doing better. He was actually singing Jingle Bells in the store today and other people could tell what he was singing :) It's a small thing but hey it is still sweet.

Well, I better run, I will try to update later tonight with something witty and insightful :P

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Repeat after me....I am a Power Ranger Addict.

I think I need to get him in a 12 step program.

Seriously, though we hit the mega load at the thrift store.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I love him no matter what.....

Just wanted to let everyone know why I have and will be hit or miss, Houston is about to be tested for a few things. He still has some delays and isn't progressing like we would all like. We are also having some attention span problems. One of the things he is about to be tested for is Autism.

I hate that it is only at three they really start to address your concerns...when everything you read tells you that it is better to address things early....WTH?

Anyways, I have been trying to spend as much time with my little man as possible.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nothing will bond you to a new friend like a good case of food poisioning.....

Well, my best bud here in town moved to Plymouth, Mass. this last week. I am still super bummed about it. We are in touch constantly though and we are going to visit in Feb. :)

Anyway, through Houston's speech "preschool" I met another mommy who I hit it off with. Yay, us :) Anyway, after speech today we took the kiddos to Mickey D's. Neither of us ever eats there unless it is for something like a playdate. So we get the kiddos Happy Meals and we both got a little thing of nuggets....well well well. Both our stomachs start hurting at McDonalds but neither of us say anything because it is akward and we both are thinking it is because both us hardly ever eat fast food......well we decide to take the kiddos to B & N in a snazzy new shopping area....well wouldn't you know.....we get in there and it hits us. ALL modesty was set aside as we were rangling the kiddos and running to the bathroom. No sooner do we get out to the car...and the kiddos are getting sick :P

Yeah, I think we have forged a bond can't almost poop your pants somebody and it not happen...LOL

Sorry if this grossed ya out. I am still feeling bad....poor Houston is doing better. He only had 2 nuggets. :(

I will write more later.....going to go force pedilyte down ds's throat :P

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just a pic post :)

Pumkin Patchery....

Smooching his "Biss Ciss"

Halloween..Tick A Treating...LOL

With his "Biss Ciss" before she left for MA.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First things first.

We took Houston to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend. He loved it. I would love to take him back but it is about an hour and a half a way :(

He was so cute picking out his pumpkin I totally forgot to get a pic of it :P
I did get some other pics though.

Which I will post ;) When blogger will let me ;(

Houston is killing me with this Power Ranger obession. He even has a power ranger "voice" The SLP he mets with twice a week thinks it is the funniest thing ever.

The hubby took a few days off this week so we are doing so family stuff...the hubster is also giving me a break from things...yay, Hubby!!!!!

I will post some very witty and great to read later :P

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Man, I have been busy.

I am wondering when things will start to slow down. This time of year is so freaking busy.

I feel like I run around all day. At least I get a little reprieve Houston doesn't have preschool tomorrow. Yay!

I need to take some pics of Houston and upload them. I haven't taken many lately. I am a bad mommy :(

I need to go and cook but don't want to. It will be something quick and easy....for sure.

I am kinda in a funk and not even sure why.

One thing that depresses me some is Houston is getting bigger and I know I will never have this moments with him again. I also know there is a 99 % chance I will never have another....sad sad. He would have made a good brother.

Houston is talking out the side of his mouth as a power ranger as we speak. He kills me. I better ger back down in the floor and play. It could get ugly fast :)

Monday, October 08, 2007

My child is a breed all his own.

I am sitting here watching Houston and three of my friends sons. It is fall break here.
In the last few minutes I have seen Houston act like a power ranger,a dog, and countless other things.

My child may be slightly strange but I wouldn't change anything about him. He is if nothing else one of the funniest newly 3 year olds I know. He makes me laugh all day long.

I am watching him with my friend's sons and I feel a little bad for him. He loves them so much and yet he annoys them so they aren't real thrilled with him being all up in their grills. Makes my heart hurt a little.

Houston is under the impression that he is in fact the Red Power Ranger. He will tell everyone, " Houston, power ranger." I red ranger." He is going to be so sad when he finds out he is just a little boy from Alabama. ;)

Houston is doing better in speech. He really likes Speech Preschool. I am homeschooling him on MWF and he loves that.

All in all we have been BUSY but things are finally looking up some.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Updates and Eye Candy ;0)

Our little skater boy. Only kid there wearing a helmet. Overprotective much???

All is good on the homefront.

Houston is doing speech "preschool" two days a week. He loves it! He is the youngest one by a year or so but seems to fit in fine. On MWF we have been doing "Homeschool." He is all about it. He loves crafts,stories and flashcards. I did too though so he comes by it honest. We learned about cowboys, the body, and Native Americans this month. I am going to take him to a Native American festival they are having at the burial grounds.....less than a minute down the road. I think he will like it!

This past weekend I watched my friends 3 boys. Managing four little boys was tough but totally fun! I have to say I think Houston was even better behaved than usual because he had constant entertainment. We went roller skating, to Chuck E Cheese and lots of other fun stuff. Houston was suprisingly good on the skates! I will post pics.

The hubby and I were going to to to the AL vs. FSU game but lack of funds nipped that in the bud :P LOL

Sadly, all of Houston's fish died this week. It looks like Hannah Montana passed on an illness to Cory Baxter, Nemo and Thomas....We will have to start all over :( Oh well, we told ds we were flushing them to Nemo's daddy in the ocean :P

Lately, I have been looking like quasimoto. My allergies are in high gear. I can't wait until it cools off. I love the fall.

I will update more later I promise :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I can't believe my little man is three.

Sorry I have been so busy and have not updated :( Bad Jade!

We have been all over the place! Houston started his speech preschool. He loves it. He never mets a stranger!

We have had a bunch of doc appts which hopefully will settle down soon!

You name it has happened!

I swear Houston gets cuter and cuter everyday. I love him a little bit more everyday.

He is getting more verbal and he breaks my heart with his cuteness. He loves Babies, Nemo,HSM, Jeremy ( his dad),Mama,Thomas,his fish, MeMan ( Spiderman),Dora and lots more.

I am so proud of him. Just like every mother is ;P

We didn't have a big party this year. Just a few little celebrations. It was like the Week of Houston's Celebrations. He had fun! I will post some pics which I am sure that post at the top of the entry. Gotta love blogger!

Things have been good here.The hubby suprised me and we are going to the Alabama and FL state away game:) Yay, him. I think we will have fun.

I will post more later. Jeremy had a work party on a local boat last night and I am still tired! LOL

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I am raising a nudist

Little man wants to be nude at all times. Today while I was loading the dishwasher he stripped for like the third time and somehow managed to get 3 pullups on which I didn't realize until I changed him :P

Sorry I haven't blogged much. Had alot on my plate. Houston has lots of appointments :P

My little dog Lucy died last week so I have been in a sad mood :( She was so sweet.

I will share more Cheesy goodness later tonight!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Holy Mother of God

Houston has been a wild little beast the last few days. He isn't bad...just into everything. He soaks everything he sees in. The other day I had to pop a door look that he had locked with a knife. The next day he locks it on purpose and runs to the silverware drawer :O I about died!

In the last few days he has peed in my kitchen,pulled the drapes down,colored on walls,dumped his drink over his head just to name a few things.

He is doing super cute things though. Acting out his favorite movies. He is so cute,if I say so myself ;)

Today, I was going to take him to the Children's museum and guess what the car I bought 34 days ago wouldn't crank. A mecanic friend looked at it and had fixed it in 30 seconds.The part is only like 40 big ones....but it screwed up the whole any cleaning I got done was shot. So I will have to wake up at like 6 to clean before the EI lady comes.....ugh ugh ugh.

Good news was I got the cash from the guy who rearended me in the above said car 2 or so weeks ago. Praise God.

I have been trying to organize more lately. I managed to get the walk in closet and another closet done on Monday....Yay me. I still got lots of things to do. I am a flawed perfectist. I would love it organized but the organizers are expensive.

Anyway, I will write more tomorrow. I just took a Lunesta so I am getting tired and loopy :P

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Things have been crazy here. My grandparents have both been in a out of the hospital so I have been heavy hearted. Things are looking up a little bit though.

Houston is still having seizures :*( I wish they would just simmer down already. It is hard not to get overwhelmed. Seizures aren't something I thought I would ever have to deal with.

I am also a little sad because my one friend here in town is outta here and heading to MA in a few weeks. Houston loves here little ones so he will be so sad :(

Sorry to be such a downer today....I am not sure what my problems is....just slap me!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Kind of sad...

Took Houston to the doc yesterday and he said the weird eye blinking thing he has been doing is another type of seizure so now he is on another med :(

Hopefully it works.

I actually have plans tonight for a little me time so I will write more later!

Prayers for Cheese please :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Life in the House of Big Cheese

We have been fairly busy. This time of year is so hectic. Lots of appointments. At least I once again have a car so I am not being hauled around. Praise god!

Houston's talking is getting better everyday or at least it seems so to me. He is still behind but not horribly bad or so I think :P He has started to call people by their first names with no prompting etc. ,so he is getting better with his expressive speech.

It finally rained last night. We had not had rain in so long! I am now majorally freaked to go outside though because we have had a lot of snakes in the neighborhood this week ....UGH

The hubby is having to work alot which bites but what can you do.

I am getting sad, our best friends here,really only good friends are moving to Boston in a few months ...**Sniff. I guess I will have to make a road trip!

Well I will write more later. I just had a sec and thought I would let you know I was alive.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Big updates...

Miss Fifth Grade
Mr. Laugh a minute

Lets see I got a car. It's an older Durango. It fits the bill and is in great shape. I will love having no payments for sure!

My grandad has been very sick but is doing better now. I have been kinda hit or miss lately though. He is out of the hospital now. Yay.

Houston's talking is getting better everyday. He is a laugh a minute.

I went to my little sister's school bauty contest. She won :) She is Miss 5th grade.

My computer is still not fixed. It is low on the list right now...LOL

Can't wait till Dancing with the Stars tonight. I am still amazed I got sucked in. I have never had the urge to watch it before this year. I am addicted now...LOL

I will update more and post some cutie pootie pics later tonight.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Still no Computer and an Update...

I still am bumming the hubby's computer :( Hopefully, soon I will get mine fixed.

The update is my car did sale. So we are taking the profit and buying me a used car. Hubby gets free gas and a brand new 2007 van from work so we always drive it. I just gotta get from point a to point b.

It may be scary what the hubby insists I buy.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Man, I have been out f touch

Sorry, I have been having to bum the hubby's computer. I broke the LCD on mine.

It's been a long week in general. I am with out a car this week. Yuck. Houston had Scarlet Fever again this past week. I haven't slept well either. I know excuses...excuses.

I am kind of at a loss for what to say. Houston and I have been best buds. We have had fun the last week or so. Houston's dad and I got him a power wheels 4 wheeler for Easter so he has been riding that every chance he gets. He is way to brave on that thing!

We had a great Easter. I will post some pics later!

I hate to run after writing the most boring entry ever but I hear Houston rumbling in the other room. Just when I thought he was down for the night ;P

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sorry I have been MIA.

It's been busy. I swear I have more places to be now that I am home.

We are doing well. Just busy. Houston and I had the stomach flu this past week so it was a long one!

Houston qualified for speech:) So that was good. It eases our minds some.

Hubby and I went to see my brother play on Friday. Fun times. We got to see lots of old friends. I felt a little under the weather the next day. We don't usually stay out so late. It was fun though!

I will write more a little later. I am pooped!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Poor Houston can't win for losing.

I was in the powder room today and Houston came and knocked on the door as I was washing my hands. He said " Ow, my face." It was really red. I knew I had no heard him fall so I asked what did you hit it on? Did you fall etc. He told me " No, fall!" I was inspecting checking his pupils thinking maybe he had a a small seizure and whacked himself...I wasn't sure.It was already a little swollen.

Until I came into the living room and found a yellow jacket. Gave him his high dose antihistimine and all is good again. I feel so bad for him though. Talk about a bad week.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Bathtime fun!Few pics nothing special!

Poor Lip!!!
Green water from a dino egg!
Looking a wee bit nuts!
This is what comes in the egg...a little disappointing to say the least!
Bucket Head.

Day that lasted forever.

You can see his sad little lip ;(

Goodness today was lonnnnnngggg. I had to price things for our garage sale tomorrow. I will be glad to have it over and I think because I have the closure of knowing I can't get preggo without help, I know it will be years so I can purge some...KWIM?

I will give you the grand total tomorrow. 99% of it is baby and maternity stuff. Stroller,swing,carseat,riding toy, maternity clothes and tons tons tons tons like hundreds of pieces of boys clothes up to about a 2 or 3T. So we shall see!

I am also going to try to sell on of my die cutting machine. Everything I got is worth about 300. I would take 50 for it all ;P Hoping for 60-75. Who kn0ws??

Poor Houstini

Yesterday, after his sprint to the ice cream truck he ran into one of the bigger kids...think about 5'5 145lbs big and busted his nose and bit his lip bad. He still looks pitiful. Poor little man.

He just cried for a sec and then he was wanting to play again crazy boy.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gotta love it.

You know you want one......All the cool kids are doing I stole the idea from another cool lady! Miss Nitty. Gritty herself, Jody.

When you have nothing exciting to say.....

Picking me a flower..
Looking cool....
Taking a pic of mom.
Enjoying his sucker.
Checking his camera settings ;P

Post pics ;)Took these outside today. I so wish I

had a DSLR. I have my film one which I never use...LOL

Houston apparently thinks he is a photgraper. Today he told me " You Camera falled." I asked who falled it ( dropped it) he said "" I then asked him Daddy dropped your camera...He said " No, Jade's." LOL

I think he is spinning another tale if he isn't I wish hubby would drop it hard enough to get a

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Have a busy day tomorrow.

For your enjoyment! From Easters Past. Visting the bunny!
Me and my Pappaw.
First Easter! At the beach.
Mommy Daddy and Houston at Nana's dying eggs!

Gotta to drive a few hours with a 2 yr old always fun ;)

This weekend we are having a yard sale. I will be getting rid of Houston's swing,etc..**Sniff*Sniff. I know it will be years before I can have another if I even can. I figure it will all be outdated by then. It will still be way sad though :(

I am trying to get some money out of a seller on ebay. It seems like it is harder and harder to make anything on ebay. I think the fees and the new format are part of the reason.

I am excited I have 50 free pics coming from Winkflash. Just had to pay .99 in shipping can't beat that. There was a special for new customers. I usually use snapfish but for free I am willing to try anybody. I go through soooo many pics scrap booking. Alot of the ones I ordered are older ones. It makes me sad that so many of his "firsts"pics got lost when the computer crashed.

I will write more tomorrow. I promise. I still have a little of the stomach flu so I am hitting the hay!

Hope you enjoyed the Easter is almost here again! Trying to get in the spirt!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

For your viewing pleasure...

Nothing. The picture function doesn't seem to be working. I will add some pics later.

Sorry I have been MIA

It's been a crazy week. We have to met with Houston's Neuro. We had 3 speech related things..I think..LOL Then Houston and I caught a lovely stomach flu. Fun fun. So needless to say the sleepover was canceled until next week.

It's not going to be a fun week. Funds are tight due to lots of prescrips and a huge car insurance payment. Not fun. We hope to sell my car and get rid of that monster payment and get me a nice used car. The car is 4 this month ;) and only has something like 35,000 on it. So to say I don't drive it much is an

I haven't got to get on the internet as much because our wireless router broke so I have to sit at the desk and hook it into the modem. Not my cup of tea and not near as easy. So until we get a new Linkis (sp) thing I may be AWOL.

Houston talking has gotten better since I have been home with him, gotta kill the hubby,LOL. He is actually saying a few very funny sentences. He is such a card. He is still kinda hard to understand though.

He is so funny because he will pick up on stuff on commericals like .com and have to sing it out constantly. I guess he loves anything catchy.

I will write more substance later. Hopefully!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry I have been MIA. I have been feeling a wee bit like I have been hit by a train after getting my treatment. I feel like a new woman now though:)

Houston is good. He got approved for speech...yay. They say he will probably not qualify for long but we can hope;) Another gal is coming by the house tomorrow...

Houston was supposed to have his little buddy Loren come and spend the night on Friday. Instead she is coming Tuesday so I will have some good pics I am sure. I have some cute ones from the other day. I will post them in a sec.

Poor hubby has had to work his tush off this weekend. I feel bad for him.

I will write more when Houston Chancey Chance goes down for a nap.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How is it possible ...

That I am way more busy being at home then when I was working...I guess I forgot.

I am waiting on Jeremy to call and let me know when to drop the dog of at the vet. Did I metion I hate living so far out of town. I would never buy this far out again.

The little neighbor girl who turns 7 today is going to spend the night this weekend with Houston. They are buds so they are excited.

I need to get motivated to do something. I didn't sleep good at all last night. The house is semi cleaned. Everything is picked up just a little deep cleaning. I think I will wait until tomorrow morning due to the fact that EI is coming tomorrow at 3:00. If I do it now then Houston will have trashed whatever I do by

I will write more later. I am just feeling a little worn out and am driving all over town running

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well my treatment got canceled.

Due to the bad tornados and junk we are expecting later.

Houston has a dentist appt. for Monday. I hope to hear back from the EI people today too. Keep fingers crossed!

I will write more later.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pass me a Xanax.

Man, my nerves are about shot. Still playing phone tag with the EI. I left her a message. Hopefully, we can set something up for next week.

I was inspecting Cheese's teeth today. Yes, I inspect them..LOL and I noticed a tiny little darker area that looks like the enamel may have chipped right between his two front teeth. He has banged those chompers so many times no telling when he did it. It has just darked in like the last day though. So I am trying to get him an appt with a pedi dentist. Did I mention the dentist is like my worst fear. I hate going. I am 25 years old and still have to get them put a mask over my face. This is the reason I am the teeth inspector and have only had one cavity.UGH

I have my treatment Thursday. It's with a new nurse this time and I really really dread it. I have a port in my chest and they have to put a blunt needle in it and I am infused over like 5 hours. Well I can't use the numbing imagine a blunt fish hook going in you...not fun...well everyone is positioned differently and the new nurses always miss or break the needle on the metal in the port...ugh. I am dreading it bad. My regular nurse will be on Mat. leave for a while.

I feel so bad and so achy I don't want to do anything.Houston is being terrific though so that is great. We are having fun at home.

Oh well keep your fingers crossed for my sanity. I feel slightly

Monday, February 26, 2007

Still not had the EI evaluation...

It has me so freaked out. In order to qualify the test all areas of lanuage. Ds's only real delay is in expressive lanuage. I would hate the fact that he understands keep him from getting speech therpy.

I am just so worked up and down about the whole thing.

Eye Candy