Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I made a great find the other day....

I found the cutest bag that I am going to use for a scrapping my paper will have a home on the road.....

It is huge and it was only $1.48!!!!!!! It's cute huh? You could even use it for luggage I it fits srapping stuff perfectly. I had two people try to nab it from me on the way to the register...LOL

Monday, September 28, 2009

"Not MEEEE" Monday..

Not me...never me.

I am not sitting here watching Donny Osmand.....and wondering why I always hear "Secret Agent Man" as "Secret Asian Man"...I can't be the only one...right...NOT ME.

I didn't have to spend over $200 dollars at the grocery store because I had let the groceries get so low....I would never let my family be without food...NOT ME.

I didn't not let Houston not get a 6th movie at the library so I could get DWTS Cardio Dance...that would make me a selfish mommy...NOT ME.

I don't have an inapproriate crush on Maks on DWTS...that would be wrong...NOT ME.

I don't think that Aaron Carter's outfit made him look like the Lucky Charms dude...NOT ME.

I did not just pour myself a margarita....that would make me a lush....NOT ME!

I did not accidently bite into my fever blister...which was then hanging half on and half on...I did not just rip the attached part free...I then did not bleed in large amounts from said spot for abour 30 minutes...that would be DISGUSTING....NOT ME.

I do not STILL have a load of laundry to do...that would be really depressing...NOT ME.

How about "Not" you......

Sitting outside, enjoying the weather...

Man, we have had the best weather the last couple of days. I love love love the beginning of fall. That little bit of crispness you feel in the air, everything smells so clean.

I love sweatshirt weather. I love love love the fall.

Can I mention again that I love fall.

It puts a smile on my face for the humidity to be gone from the air and a hint of a breeze in it's place.

Had a busy day or errands today, I feel uber tired considering I just got my treatment. I am rocking a totally nasty looking fever blister which goes along nicely with the ulcers all in my mouth and down my throat.

I am thinking tomorrow when I go for my doc appt that the antibvirals are going to be me crazy ;)

I am going to take it easy me some tv, bath the kiddo, and relax...easier said than done.

Heros and DWTS is on....I will be frantically flipping between both but I can catch Heros on demand so I am not super worried.

I dread the drive to the doctor tomorrow. Last time I was there was a lady having a stroke in the car next to me that I had to help....only me. I hope she was okay.

Got some much needed grocery shopping done today, which with Houston is like the 5 circle of hell. Actually, he was great today though. He even let me pile things on him. I had to but him in one of those huge ones that you can barely control without taking out a display of something.

I have so much cleaning I need to get done this week. If I could get to half of it I would be happy. We will see.

Hope Houston has a good week at school. Mr. Chatterbox needs to keep his little trap closed. Imagine a child of mine a chatterbox...who would have thought...LOL. Heaven help Jeremy. I should just had him earmuffs when he comes in the door.

I am watching the sunset and thinking that life doesn't get much better, then I accidently bite into a mouth ulcer...and think okay it can... but it is pretty nice.

I love a beautiful sunset.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Long time no talk updates and more.

My computer died. I have been computerless for 2 weeks. It was tough but refreshing.

We are finally a little more well...yay, us. Got a few doc appts next week but they are the regular ones.

Houston had his 5 year check up. Looked pretty good but he has to have an MRI within the next month because it looks like he has a tethered spinal cord. We always new he had a dimple at the base of his spine that they have watched to make sure it wasn't leaking spinal fluid. Well now apparently it looks like the spinal cord is basically attached to his tailbone.

He has been a nightmare to be accident free in underwear. He constantly still has accidents. The ped seems to think that it is probably why. We always thought it was his seizure meds that were reducing senstation but basically if it is is tethered then the nerves are being pulled and that would explain it.

If it is thethered they will have to detach it because it can be very painful and you can get some major damage if it rips free.

So I will keep you posted on all that.

So he will be sedated and they will do an indepth scan to see what is up.

Of course, his appointment was yesterday. I watched Grey's Anatomy last night and what was wrong with the teenage boy. Same thing...what are the odds? :P

My hard drive had to be replaced so I gotta about a pain :P

Monday, September 07, 2009

A little glimpse into my mind....

I found a website that has all kinds of blog topics for a lazy blogger like me it is PERFECTION.
I am going to answer three:
Question Uno-
My Favourite Item of Clothing Growing Up:

I had two the first were my jelly shoes. I loved these things...I had them in so many colors. They were perfection in my eyes except for the inevitable happened. You stepped on a rock.

It felt like a knife was going up the bottom of your you would do the one foot hobble until you could sit down to remove.

But they little waffle shaped pattern on bottom meant you had to use something akin to a prison shank to get it out.

Fun times.

My other favorite was this necklace. Not even sure what is was called. But I felt like the coolest cat in town. I remember my favorite charm was a little mini lipstick.

Now on to Question Dos....

If This Celebrity Knocked On My Door, I’d Run Away With Them:

It would have to be Adam Lambert. I know the man is gay....but there is something about him that is hot...what can I say.

Also, he seems like he would give way great fashion advice.

He seems like a really nice guy.

And last but not least have you heard him sing??

And the final question for today:

My Most Hated Movie:

I think this answer may get my woman card revoked. One actor I don't care for at
please don't throw things at

Tom Cruise.

I would rather have spikes driven in my eyes.

My least favorite movie would have to be Top Gun :O

What about you?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Testing this thing on...

Does anyone read this thing anymore.

Doesn't really seem like it. Try to decide if I should make it private and keep it as a journal, don't think anyone would miss it.

Last night I had fun. Went over to a friends house to scrapbook, for the first time in last a year. Me, so glad to be out of the house...really just ran my jaws, talked about infants,weddings, pregnancies...all that girlie stuff. So fun.

Then the shoe dropped...dundundudndun..I spilled a drink..which I still feel bad about. Luckily, most of the drink went into my scrapbooking bag. Good for me...not so good for the supplies...but who cares. I was terrified I had gimped up something at my friends house for life.

I still feel bad. I think I apologized to many times they wanted to take me out into the yard and beat me like a pinata. I would have wanted to ....I annoy myself quite a bit.

Houston is at my in-laws, Jeremy is working and on call...I have NO idea what to do with myself. I am thinking the library...whoooo hoooo I am SUCH the rebel. I am 110% NERD.No one my child calls me poindexter.

I am trying to find things to do besides clean...can you tell. If you can keep it to yourself ;)

Friday, September 04, 2009

Revamping the blog..just messing around.....

Not much going on today. Trying to stay awake. Didn't sleep much last night.

Last night, after much sleep deprivation I was hooking up my computer to watch netflix. The computer then fell off the tv. I proceed to avert my eyes...scared of what I would see.

My litte mini computer is fine. How is that possible?

I promise I will be back when I am not so loopy from no sleep:P