Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pass me a Xanax.

Man, my nerves are about shot. Still playing phone tag with the EI. I left her a message. Hopefully, we can set something up for next week.

I was inspecting Cheese's teeth today. Yes, I inspect them..LOL and I noticed a tiny little darker area that looks like the enamel may have chipped right between his two front teeth. He has banged those chompers so many times no telling when he did it. It has just darked in like the last day though. So I am trying to get him an appt with a pedi dentist. Did I mention the dentist is like my worst fear. I hate going. I am 25 years old and still have to get them put a mask over my face. This is the reason I am the teeth inspector and have only had one cavity.UGH

I have my treatment Thursday. It's with a new nurse this time and I really really dread it. I have a port in my chest and they have to put a blunt needle in it and I am infused over like 5 hours. Well I can't use the numbing imagine a blunt fish hook going in you...not fun...well everyone is positioned differently and the new nurses always miss or break the needle on the metal in the port...ugh. I am dreading it bad. My regular nurse will be on Mat. leave for a while.

I feel so bad and so achy I don't want to do anything.Houston is being terrific though so that is great. We are having fun at home.

Oh well keep your fingers crossed for my sanity. I feel slightly


Sara said...

Hope your treatment went okay with the new nurse today.
I am a dentist-phobe too! Not sure why, but I just HATE going to the dentist... I also have no cavities :) Thank you Lord!
Hope you hear from the EI people soon. How frustrating!
Take care!

House of Big Cheese said...

My treatment is Thursday...yuck.

I never had a cavity till like 18 and I still hated It's been the only one. Thank god.

Jody said...

Hang in there. Have fun with little Houston, and don't think too hard about the dentist. It hopefully won't be so bad afterall! =) Ciao for now...