Saturday, September 29, 2007

Updates and Eye Candy ;0)

Our little skater boy. Only kid there wearing a helmet. Overprotective much???

All is good on the homefront.

Houston is doing speech "preschool" two days a week. He loves it! He is the youngest one by a year or so but seems to fit in fine. On MWF we have been doing "Homeschool." He is all about it. He loves crafts,stories and flashcards. I did too though so he comes by it honest. We learned about cowboys, the body, and Native Americans this month. I am going to take him to a Native American festival they are having at the burial grounds.....less than a minute down the road. I think he will like it!

This past weekend I watched my friends 3 boys. Managing four little boys was tough but totally fun! I have to say I think Houston was even better behaved than usual because he had constant entertainment. We went roller skating, to Chuck E Cheese and lots of other fun stuff. Houston was suprisingly good on the skates! I will post pics.

The hubby and I were going to to to the AL vs. FSU game but lack of funds nipped that in the bud :P LOL

Sadly, all of Houston's fish died this week. It looks like Hannah Montana passed on an illness to Cory Baxter, Nemo and Thomas....We will have to start all over :( Oh well, we told ds we were flushing them to Nemo's daddy in the ocean :P

Lately, I have been looking like quasimoto. My allergies are in high gear. I can't wait until it cools off. I love the fall.

I will update more later I promise :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I can't believe my little man is three.

Sorry I have been so busy and have not updated :( Bad Jade!

We have been all over the place! Houston started his speech preschool. He loves it. He never mets a stranger!

We have had a bunch of doc appts which hopefully will settle down soon!

You name it has happened!

I swear Houston gets cuter and cuter everyday. I love him a little bit more everyday.

He is getting more verbal and he breaks my heart with his cuteness. He loves Babies, Nemo,HSM, Jeremy ( his dad),Mama,Thomas,his fish, MeMan ( Spiderman),Dora and lots more.

I am so proud of him. Just like every mother is ;P

We didn't have a big party this year. Just a few little celebrations. It was like the Week of Houston's Celebrations. He had fun! I will post some pics which I am sure that post at the top of the entry. Gotta love blogger!

Things have been good here.The hubby suprised me and we are going to the Alabama and FL state away game:) Yay, him. I think we will have fun.

I will post more later. Jeremy had a work party on a local boat last night and I am still tired! LOL