Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sabbath Sunday

Well I have had a good day.Last night two friends and I went to see Hancock and out to eat. The food and company were great. I so needed a break.

I have had the pleasure of my little sister being here since Tuesday. She is going to stay a few more days..yay! We have done girlie stuff today.Jeremy and Houston are doing boy stuff...I hope they are having fun.

We went to church this morning.I was slightly bummed because our priest will be on vacation for a few weeks :P Oh well, it will still be great. I went to late mass today which I never do. I still like early mass better.I let the kiddos sleep in today though.

We went out to eat afterwards. We were eating and Houston saw a really tall big built guy. He had his kids with him.Of course Houston says " Mama look at that big daddy." I wanted to die.

He is at that age where he doesn't realize what he should and shouldn't say. Any advice?

We then went to the bookstore. I let Houston play trains. I have no idea why that train table is cooler than his?! LOL

Anyway, Monica and I are doing "girlie" stuff tonight. It's been fun.

She had me drag out all my wedding, I miss the skinny me! Talk about DEPRESSING. Oh,well!

I think we may do some scrapbooking later.She is a crafty little thing.

I am now going to start rambling...LOL I have to say I am getting pumped about the upcoming Olympics.Anyone else? I love them. I can't be the only one! What are ya'll looking forward too.It makes me a little sad though.I should be sitting watching the olympics with a little baby in my lap :( It is hard to know, I should have already given birth.Talk about depressing.People who don't know I miscarried have asked lately. Houston still talks about it constantly, he tells everyone with a little baby his little baby is with Jesus.UGH.

Okay,vent over.

I know over time things get better.They have with the other losses but this one still bothers me. I think because it was a later loss, we knew the sex,etc. It really does suck. I have to say I am jealous of people who can take pregnancy for granted.

Anyway, sorry to be a downer! Off to watch a girlie flick with my sister!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

From the Houston's mouth....


Here are a few funnies..I am trying to remember...I at least think they are funny...and some are sweet. His speech has gotten so much better.

The other day my grandma asked if he would help her do some stuff... He told her "Yes if you give me monies, I love monies." She told him..."I'll give you some change" He told her..."No Mammaw I only like dollars...I no like change." His new obsession is his bank what can I say.

The other day I asked him why he was kissing his dad while his dad was sleeping.He told me" Cause I love him, daddy is my best friend." AW!

He has been telling me.. " Houston no use the potty. Potty's are dirty and aisting (disgusting). He is kinda right ;)

I tell Houston it is bath time...he walks into the bathroom...sticks his hand in the water...says " I clean, Mommy. All done." I neeve (need) clothes." He then proceed to hide behind the floor length drapes. He made his mistake when he said "Hey, mama I no hiding...okay!?" LOL

The other day at the library I finally got him his own card..He takes me looks at the lady and says " Good, Houston Cheence (Chance) have a dribers (Driver's Licence).We get out to the car and he tells me " Mama I drive, Houston has a driber's no drive with your hurt foot." Good try son, but I'll pass :P

At the docs office the other day we are in the waiting room..He tells me "Mama I neeve a doctor too." I ask him why he says " For my baby in my belly." He then lifts up his shirts starts poking out his stomach and asks the people in the waiting room " Can you hear it?" He is sooo confused on all that...he wants to hear the heartbeat of his baby every time we go to the doctor..wth?

Oh a few weeks ago he had an ear infection...I took him to the doctor...first he told the doc..." No pretty need to touch me." Then he proceeds to have a melt down but ends up telling her " Thanks for making me feel better lady doctor." We get outside to the car and he tells me dad..."That lady stuck a screwdriver in my ear..." We had to tell him it was just a light and it tickles...he then told us " That no tickles, that hurts"

He told me the other day.. " Mama you so handsome." He meant pretty but hey it was still sweet. :)

Sorry I can't think of anything better. I need to start writing this stuff down so I remember it when he is older for sure...he comes up with crazy and sweet stuff :)

I am a thief!

I stole this from Almost Catholic's blog.What can I say I am a bad bad girl ;)

Outside my window...It's sun shiny. It is so hot you can almost see stuff melting...okay I may be being a little melodramatic ;)

I am much I would love to be thin is annoying having to take meds that make you gain weight..but what choice do you have..kwim? I can't wait till my foot heals and I can go back to the gym everyday. Also, I wish I could have taken sonny boy to the Wiggles today :P

I am thankful family, my friends and my church.

From the kitchen...I need to wash my dishes...we live in a house that is still pretty new but our dishwasher is ocd Jade has to wash them by hand..I left some in the sink in some water overnight which I NEVER so now it is driving me nuts..about to go wash them.

I am wearing...a terry cloth sundressey thing...I wear it when I get out of the shower before I get dressed for the day if I am cleaning or something.

I am creating...nothing...sadly. I did do one scrapbooking page the other day....gasp!!

I am where right little sister is staying with me...I am letting Jeremy take it easy because he is going to watch the kiddos for me when I go to eat and to a movie with a friend this afternoon! I am pumped!!!

I am reading...a book about Queen Victoria by Jean Plaidy,Solomon's Sword about Kids the State took away... I have some great books I got from the library..they are almost all memiors..which I have a weakness for..

I am hoping...that I have a good week.I am am also hopeful I get some good news about someone next week..sorry to be vague just pray a little healing prayer for who I will call "Little Mama" :) Thanks.

I am hearing...The Dryer...laundry isn't is so glamourous!?

Around the house...I need to straigten somethings...fold...three baskets of the floors wipe down counters and the above mentioned dishes.. :P

One of my favorite family,my friends,my bible, my books, any computer, my rosary,the library

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Organize, get school supplies, get some paperwork done for some stuff,keep my head above water ;)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Need I say more :P

Friday, July 25, 2008

I am a bum....

Well kind of..I am still bumming my hubbie's computer when I can. He has to get a part for mine...we shall see when it is fixed.Hopefully, soon!

I been speeding a lot of time reading..thank goodness for the library..I have read some great books lately. I have been reading a lot of memiors...good stuff!

I also checked out the PBS show where they had people like they did in colonial times...fascinating I tell you..I am a huge nerd..but I love anything history related..I want to check out 1900 house,1940's house, frontier house, and manor house...:)

I am a NERD.

My little sister is staying with me for a few days, it's been fun and she is a huge help! Houston loves his Aunt Momo for sure!

Anyway, I know this entry has been about NOTHING...but I promise I will write something riveting later ;)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I made it home....

Sorry no update. The hubster is still fixing my computer so I have to bum his when I can...what can I say it has been a while..LOL

Still trucking along...just been doing stuff with Houston before he starts back to school...lots of trips to the library...he loves it. He is my son!

I took him to see "Space Chimps" the other day..he loved it.

We have done some visiting with people while we have had time.It has been a good last few weeks.

Hubby and Houston are over at some friend's house right now....they are giving me some "me" time. I am about to go soak in the ol' tub! Yay!

I will update again soon! I promise!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Still a pilgrim... :P

Yes, you read that right. We head to the airport last night. Get through the 15 minute pat down I am getting because of the artifical metals in my chest ( the port, wires,etc) and get on the plane. The pilot gets on the loud speaker says we are delayed 1 hour. No biggie I will just make my connection.We sit there for an hour on the plane. The pilot gets back on and says we won't leave for 2 more I would miss my connection.He says don't fret because 95% of the flights in Chicago are behind. I go to check on my is running on time:P If I flew out on last nights flight I would be in the airport for like 19 hours before I could fly out. Been there done that , have the thanks.

So the soonest they could get me out do to the 4th weekend is the 5th :P At least I will get to see a parade and some fireworks :P

I swear I have a black cloud over my head with this whole flying thing :P Ds is so confused with all these false alarms :P

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone who may be trying to get in touch with me know where I am :P

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Well I am still a pilgrim :O

You read that right. We got hung up in some wreck traffic and a ride that should have taken 45 minutes took about 2hours and 20 minutes to I missed my flight. The other flight I may could have gotten on was the on to D.C. but it was delayed so you would miss any connection so you would be stranded in Dulles again. :P

So I am here in Plymouth, until I can catch the same 5:15 flight I missed yesterday :P Only me.

I am about to take Houston out back to swim to get him good and tired :) LOL

Oh and I posted on here once I had never read the Twilight series...well I drank the koolaid and read the books, they were great. Can't wait for the one coming out at the end of the summer! I am reading her new book "The Host" right now. It is good as well!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I am alive and stil a pilgrim ;)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Not a pilgrim for much longer...

We are about to leave here in a matter of hours to fly back home. We have had a great trip. I will be sad to leave but glad to get back know the drill.

We had so much fun visiting with the Stones. It made the trip worth it for sure.

Houston is now part fish. He loves to swim. I am goig to have to get him a pool for out back for sure.

I have already ordered my pics from snapfish. I was hoping they would beat me home...but they probably want. I can't wait to get them.They aren't good quality but who cares!

I dread all the airport madness in my future. We fly out from RI, to Chicago and then home. Say a little prayer for me if you are so inclined ;)

Sorry I haven't been around much. My computer is having issues. Dh has to fix the port on the back that makes it charge up so I will likely be computerless for a while. I will check everything when I can.
Just wanted ya'll to know so you wouldn't think I was AWOL.