Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Have a busy day tomorrow.

For your enjoyment! From Easters Past. Visting the bunny!
Me and my Pappaw.
First Easter! At the beach.
Mommy Daddy and Houston at Nana's dying eggs!

Gotta to drive a few hours with a 2 yr old always fun ;)

This weekend we are having a yard sale. I will be getting rid of Houston's swing,etc..**Sniff*Sniff. I know it will be years before I can have another if I even can. I figure it will all be outdated by then. It will still be way sad though :(

I am trying to get some money out of a seller on ebay. It seems like it is harder and harder to make anything on ebay. I think the fees and the new format are part of the reason.

I am excited I have 50 free pics coming from Winkflash. Just had to pay .99 in shipping can't beat that. There was a special for new customers. I usually use snapfish but for free I am willing to try anybody. I go through soooo many pics scrap booking. Alot of the ones I ordered are older ones. It makes me sad that so many of his "firsts"pics got lost when the computer crashed.

I will write more tomorrow. I promise. I still have a little of the stomach flu so I am hitting the hay!

Hope you enjoyed the Easter is almost here again! Trying to get in the spirt!

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Dave Richards said...

Great photos...thanks for sharing these with was love going through your post...and well as Easter is coming up in a while now also visit my blog on Easter Wishes and Greetings sometime and enjoy all that i've posted there!!!