Friday, September 30, 2011

I am a liar , I admit it.

Okay, I said I was going to not disapper I did. Lie number 1.
I said I was going to keep up with a new blog I started... Lie number 2.

See, I am a chronic liar.

I like to blog. But I feel like my life is a wee bit dull to blog about. I mean I realize treatments, medicines, hospital stays and bills aren't exactly riveting stuff. My blog is like one big sleeping pill. I realize I don't live a super exciting life. ;)

I was ATTEMPTING to start a new blog, because I figured...New blog....but big failure. So here I am again....LOL hey it's to hard to teach a old dog, new tricks.

Lets see recent RIVETING updates ;)

Been okay healthwise....meaning, I am on the right combo of meds, but still have that's news to anyone ;)

Had surgery 2 months ago, went well, my gallbladder was full of stones and had attached itself to my intestine. Sounds super fun and not painful right? Really it was a prettty easy surgery to recover from...hardest part is trying to figure out what foods I can no longer eat. Plus side I have lost about 35 lbs of my almost 50 lbs of predisone weight, yes you read that right....I was a hoss ;)

Divorce wise, still divorced. I haven't ran off and got married or anything. We are still friends which is good for Houston. I am now dating again. Dating a great guy, so my life is pretty happy.

I will update more later, I promise. I like blogging for myself as well, because it's almost like a diary... but hey I am scared of commitment ;)