Saturday, January 31, 2009

I want to be in the circus when I grow up!

"image from google "

This is what Houston told me and I couldn't agree more. I loved the circus just as much as I did when I was Houston's age.

I have to admit I would love to travel from city to city and be in the circus :) Is something wrong with me!?

It was great....Well worth the money!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thought provoking questions....1,2,3,4 and 5

I have decided I am going to answer at LEAST five "deep" questions every an effort for you all to get to know me better and to shake things up!Feel free to answer them in the comment section or on your blog as well!

1.Do you think God has a sense of humor?

Absolutely! We are created in his image. I think we all have a "God is getting a laugh out of this" moment! I know I have plenty.

2. How can we love our neighbors when we don't love ourselves?

This is tricky. I know I actually have more issues with loving myself than I do other people. I TRY to see God in others...but have a hard time seeing him in myself.I don't know why I judge myself by unattainable standards I would never judge others by. I have always had issues with self esteem. This is something I have been praying and working on. God loves us all the same. God loves my child as much as he loves me, he loves my friends as much as he does me, he loves the guy who broke into my car as MUCH as he loves me. Something to remember for sure.

3.What was a defining moment in your life.

I think life is a series of defining moments. Four I think of immediately are:

Getting sick. The day the doctor told me there was a tumor in my chest, I knew my life would be forever changed. I never imagined the path my life has taken. But I take the good with the bad and it is brought me I don't regret it.

Finding out I was pregnant. I was so happy but so scared. The doctors had told me over and over again not to get pregnant for a year. I know see it was perfect in God's time. I feel so very blessed to have been given the gift of motherhood. There aren't words to describe the love you feel for your child.

Finding out my son was autistic. It wasn't necesssary the path I would have chosen or that I invisoned for my child but it makes him him. If God could take the autism totally away I wouldn't want him to. There is a reason for everything and I trust in God's plan. I also feel very lucky that God gave me such a wonderful support system. Houston is fearfully and wonderfully made. He isn't imperfect, just different :)

My last miscarriage. I think the reason this one hit me the hardest...was because I was farther along. We had seen her little heart. I was getting a belly....I was past the worrying stage and in the safe zone. I think in some ways it made it harder to know her sex. We later found out that she had a complete trisomy 8 and it is always fatal. This made me realize from the moment she was concieved that she was one of God's special angels. She was never meant to have an earthly life. That helps tremendously. I think of her and the other early pregnany losses as much my children as I do Houston. I think about them all the time. Wondering how different my life would be with 4 kids 4 and under but then realize that wasn't God's plan and trust in his timing, his love and knowledge.

4.If you could go back in time and make a different choice would you?

I can honestly say no.

Last but not least

5.If you could only wish for one thing for your child what would it be?

Wisdom. I think that if you have wisdom then all the other things love, God, understanding, family etc falls into place. So I pray that Houston will always wisdom:)

You can't handle it...the Name Game....

Use your name to come up with the answers...

Have Fun!!

1. What is your name: Jade Marie Simpson ------- married name
2. A four Letter Word: dame
3. A boy's Name: Same
4. A girl's Name: Jemma
5. An occupation: Sod Man
6. A color: Red
7. Something you wear: Pin
8. A food: ???Nothing...Ram???
9. Something found in the bathroom: Mop ???
10. A place: Dam
11. A reason for being late: Dam...maybe it burst...??
12. Something you shout: rape :O
13. A movie title: Dame
14. Something you drink: Sip
15. A musical group: Dare
16. An animal: Ram
17. A street name: Rad????I am
18. A type of car: Ram
19. A song title: Dare
20. A verb: Rap

You know you are from Alabama when....

I stole this idea from Melissa at Almost Catholic Momma's blog.

I put together my own list from a few others floating around.

Hey if you can't laugh at yourself....LOL

You know you are from Alabama:

If you call a garden hose a hose pipe.

Y'all is a word.

If a snowflake falls the town is shutdown for days.

Almost everyone you know is Baptist.

You know what potted meat is ....Yuck!

You know what a Meat and Three is.

You know someone with a mullet ;)

You have seen someone shopping barefoot.

You know someone uses a football schedule to plan their wedding date.

Stores don't have bags they have sacks.

A shopping cart is called a buggy.

Are you ready for the weekend?????!!

I am!

I am taking Houston and we are going to me my mom and little sister and we are going to see the circus times.

I loved going as a little girl. I can remember my mom would buy me the book that had the clowns in it and I would be too scared to open it. I hate clowns! LOL

I would also get a thing of cotton candy.

Those were the days I tell you.

Houston says he was to see the monkey bar thing...the trapeze I guess...LOL

That is one of my favorite acts too.

He is also pumped about the "human cannonball."

He will LOVE it!

I am so not excite that I am about to have to go run 900 errands :P

Gotta drop Crimson "The World's Oldest Dog" at the vet. He will thank me later >:(

Gotta go pay bills...the task I hate the most ;) Don't we all!


I am so tired I just don't want to do it. I have my treatment on Monday so that should help:P

Right now I am watching "Tru Calling." I never watched it before it got cancelled but I like it.Anyone ever watched it?

Oh I got my window fixed!Yay!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I recieved the gift that keeps on giving....

Lot of glass in the seats, a panicking child, the loss of some stuff......

You guessed it....My car was broken into.


Houston saw it and said " Mama what happened." 'Did they steal me toys" "Daddy is going to have to fix it...**sigh."

The big thing they got was my GPS or as Houston says "Our GRS" LOL

Of course we had to eat the losses and had to pay for a window. Fun times I tell you.

It does look like they may have found the gps in a pawnshop I hope so.

What kills me is that they had to see Houston's carseat in the back and my bible was in the seat where the window was broken. Apparently, that didn't stop them :P

The hubby is vacumming the car for the 100 time...I got all cut of driving it home >:I

Monday, January 19, 2009

27 things that make me the crazy lady I am.

Tell an interesting fact for every year of your life.

1. I don't have a dominant hand.
2. I have never watched an episode of DHW or GA.
3. I am a sucker for reality shows that are about people very different from The Duggers,Jon and Kate,etc. I guess I feel like I am living through them:P
4. My favorite color is lime green.
5. I love my new little computer my brothers got me.
6. I just went trough the Rite of Welcoming this past Sunday at Chruch.
7. I love the beach.
8. I also love the cold :)
9. I love to travel.
10.My favorite food is a Chicken Salad sandwich from Zoes.
11. I also love me some Chinese food:)
12. My favorite snack is chips and cheese dip.
13. My favorite type of book is usually historical fiction. Right now I am into books that are about the west in the from like 180-1890.
14. I am also a tudor history buff. Love it!
15. I thought the Twilight books would be a total waste of time. I was totally wrong. I love them. I also liked the movie!
16. I love to scrapbook. I was pumped when I got like 200 worth of creative memories stuff....albums, pages etc for $3 at the thrift store...! Good deal for me. I think a consultant must have been purging the old size.
17. My one want item besides a tummy tuck would have to be a Nikon D80. **sigh**
18. I am addicted to Gymboree for Houston's clothes. I only buy on sale or with Gymbo though. Also, get a lot from consignment stores. I have gotten probably $1500 worth of stuff for about $300.
19. I love british magazines. It is a guilty pleasure.
20. I love a hot bath, with some good smelling bubble bath.
21.My favorie bath and body works scent is Country Apple and about the only place you can find it is ebay :P It was the first scent I ever bought back when I was in like 7 grade.
22. My fav CD at the moment is "The Veronicas"
23. I wish I could lose about 25 lbs and be able to wear cuter stuff :P
24. I really want blunt bangs but think they would look horrible. I want them though.
25. I would love a tat on my foot.
26. I wish I had more money and time to redecorate some stuff in the house...most of what we have is from when we got married 6 years ago :P
27. I wear a size 10 narrow shoe...hard to find...

and because I turn 28 this year.....

28. I have broken 3 bones this year :P

Now tell me about you!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Things are a chhh chhhanging.

I had to change up the blog. I don't blame people for not visiting...heck, I didn't want to visit...I wanted to drive nails up my arms...before logging on. My problem is :

A. I am never happy with something.
B. I am the most indecisive person ever...I could have a gun to my head and would still have to analyze the situation.
C. I am very type A.
D. I second guess everything

And the list goes on and on.

Another ...get ready for this...I am ashamed to admit this....
**takes a minute to gather herself**

I think I was born.......

without the......

get ready for it.....

BLOGGING GENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh the horror!

Seriously, though..I feel like I am the MOST boring blogger on the planet.

I mean I feel like the blogging version of an ambien:P

I think I am pretty dang funny in real life..I was even voted class clown in high school. But I don't think it translates well on the computer.

I think maybe because you can't tell a person's a tone.

So people online think one of two things...

A. I am nuts.
B. Or a totally witch

I totally admit I am a little of both but not the best features ;)

I so wish I could hold everybody action with my fantastic wit but ain't going to happen.

I have no wonderful tails of my jet setting life...instead I have tales of potty training hell, tales of living in somewhere that isn't my first choice and tales of being a rebel in a frumpy mom's body.

I need to work on self confidence I is such the disappoint to look in the mirror and be like I don't really look like that do I??? guess so....Time can be cruel I tell you!

I do have a super cute little man, even if he always looks like he is in need of a bath...**think Pigpen from Charlie Brown**. He is super funny...and already a 4 year old stand up comic.:) He brightens my day everyday:) I truly feel like I won a kiddo lottery.

Anyway, even though I have a crap camera and no photoshoping skills I think I will share pics just because....:)

Yeah...just just pretend....that's my motto:)

Here is a pic I call....

"What did I do to deserve this"

Yeah ttball is a No go for this year :)

Notice the expanse of leg showing...this is because he was wallowing around out in the outfield and we had to drag him to home plate ;)

I call this one....

" I am going to mark all in your bible when you aren't looking"

I call this

"I crack myself up!"

I call this....

"God, he is cute :)"

More pics later :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pics from the last few months...:)

At Zeke and Cassey's wedding...

Houston looks thrilled...LOL

Here is a pic of hubby, his twin and Houston...hubby is on the left.


Tata for to watch 1940's house :)

Houston funnies...

Houston is brutually honest.

On my birthday this year, he asked my age. Then looked so serious and asked what happened. I asked what he meant....he replied " You got so fat and look like a teacher."

Okay, what does look like a teacher mean in his eyes?? I have no idea.

He then told the hubby a few days later that he was getting a fat butt :O Ego Check...LOL

People were asking him at Christmas what Santa was bringing them...he told my little sister....."New Teeth" :*( She is about to get braces. I felt bad...she laughed it off.

He told my cousin Justin with his crazy lebanese curls he needed.....a "Comb".

Yeah, fun times.

He is so innocent in everything he says can be cute.

Last night he went on and on and said he wanted to watch the bouncey show...we had no idea what he was talking about...he then told us..." You know the USO show...they crashed and bounced...LOL

We will put him in our lap and he watches an educational show til he falls asleep...he loves it...LOL

We start them off nerdy.......:)

I was going to take my son to the library but the car wouldn't start :P

So I will post a blog post if it kills me.

Lets see. I have feel behind because I have been bumming a computer for forever......I just couldn't justify spendning dough on getting the motherboard fixed. I still want to at some point though to get my pics but oh well.

Well imagine my suprise at Christmas when my wonderful brothers got me a little mini white acer aspire. I love love love it. It is the perfect size.

I was so pumped to take it around town with me today and low and behold my car wouldn't start. Hopefully, it is just the battery.

Cross your fingers:)

Okay, lets see on the 4th the hubby and I had our one year anniversary..we celebrated by watching Hanocock on We are so excitiing.

We have went through a lot in the 6 years we have been married. It was never in the plans to have major life altering surgery in the first few months of marriage :P


Anyway, her is a wedding pic...these were days before digi pics so bear with me.

In other news still fighting off the sickies. I have been fighting the same infections for months....not fun. Going to the doc tomorrow and my treatment is the next hopefully, I will feel better soon :)