Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things I hoard

I mean collect ;)

A blog I regularly read...Kelly' Korner..has a "Show us Your Life" Friday.

This past Friday was show us what you collect.

So without further ado here are some things I hoard.

I love ANYTHING vintage but my two greatest loves are glassware and stationary.

I love love love vintage Corelle and vintage Pyrex. I use it EVERYDAY.

I love love the corelle with the blue reminds me of my mom and grandmother cooking me up some good ol' veggies as a kid. Love them :)

Another love of mine is vintage paper. I have always loved to write letters. Who doesn't love to get one. I am lucky enough that I correspond regularly with friends who live overseas so I get to use my paper goodness. If it is vintage I love it even more.

Here is some of my stash :)Ignore that is all out on my bed, I have so much I wasn't sure where to lay it...LOL

How can you not feel like the heroine in some period book or movie while receiving a letter ;)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I smite you...oh I smite you...

Here is SCARY extreme close up for the offending tongue, this is the least nasty view... I would cut it out if I would be able to chatter :P

I can't even eat anymore, making soup tonight, hopefully that works :P

Mother of pearl...

It has to heal soon, right?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yeah...I have the "shingles" tongue

Yeah, there is no longer any doubt. Son of a biscuit it burns and skin is slothing off...lovely and PAINFUL.


Where is the oven to stick my head in...

Only kidding.....well kinda.

Because of all the infection I have mouth are thinking....weinie...but I don't think you know the scope.

If you have immune issues you are prone to viral infections.

One is the strain of herpes/shingles that can grow sores in your ears, mouth etc.

Right now, I have ulcers in my mouth, I stopped counting at 22 this morning :( They are down my throat..

But the worst is the skin is breaking down and falling off under my tongue :(

I really hope it clears up because if I have an active outbreak they can't fix the tooth :(

I wish it would result in a smaller size pants but not going to happen since I am taking huge doses of steriods :P Of course :P

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ten for Tuesday...on well a monday....

What can I say, boring day ;)

Here is a list of some of my ten favorite things...would love to see your lists.In random order :)

A few things I love :)

1. Cheese Dip

I mean seriously is there anythig better??? I could eat it as a meal :)

2. My church :)Because I go to church with some of the best people EVER.

3. My camera :)How do I count the ways I love theeeeeeeee. :)

4.British Magazines....a very pricey and ridclous obsession ;)

5. Anything Jane Austen :)I mean who doesn't love Mr. Darcy??

6. Henry the VIII...he was nuttier than a snickers bar...but interesting to a fault....

7. Vintage anything :)

8. My little computer...

9. Adam Lambert...I know he is gay but I still <3 him!

10. The olympics!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Am I liberal christian??

I know some people think it is an oxymoron ;)

Just curious. I like in a conservative area and I have had this discussion many times....People have told me I am a little more liberal than most :P I would agree....

Here is some of my insight...and I totally admit it may be flawed....but I am putting it ALL out there. If you agree, disagree let me know. It WILL NOT hurt my feelings I promise.

I love to discuss religion...which I know is TABOO ;)

Now let the rambling commence ;)

I think a lot of people think of liberal as being saying killing babies is okay, me that isn't what it means.I personally know that I could never kill my child, even in the situation I was in were the baby had no chance at life.

I think I am more liberal in these areas :

I support helping the unfortunate,I feel that it's HUGELY important. Faith without good works is dead...

I don't think Jesus would tell people they don't deserve/need healthcare..because they can't afford it. I am not saying that the healthcare reform we are getting is 100% right, it isn't but some reform needs to be done.I don't see how people can't think the current system is broken. But I be biased with all that I have seen.....

I think that Jesus was an advocate for helping the unfortunate :) So I think he would be fine with healthcare reform. :)

I don't think he would be good with dishonest people...screwing the system...but that goes for everyday life as well.

As for the gay marriage issue......I know this is a HUGEEEEEEEEEEE hot button issue for A LOT of is my two cents:

I don't think God hates gay people.

Jesus is a tolerant God...I think you are born gay, I don't think it is a choice...which I know a lot of people would disagree with.......but it's just my view..BUT i realize A LOT of you do think it is a choice. I just know I have NO choice on what type of man I am attracted I would think it would be the same for others???

I don't think any one's bedroom habits are for me to judge...... I would never live the lifestyle but God loves us all and I don't think that living a gay lifestyle is going to send you to hell...that is just me, and I may be wrong?!

People say it is unnatural, because a child can't come from the union but I would argue that birth control is a sin because it does the same thing....but that could be the catholic in me talking ;)

I try and love everyone,as Jesus said love my neighbor :)

I don't feel comfortable judging....because ultimately it doesn't matter what WE think.I am not divine nor do I have divine insight...kwim?

I think that ANY sin is a stumbling block that puts you farther away from God....which is never I feel like my judging is just as determental to me...personally.

I think regardless of your sin if you are truly sorry and ask for forgiveness he you think there are any unforgivable sins?? I really am curious :)

That being said...I don't think it means that we have a constant get out of jail card and you can keep doing the same means you are repentant...and sorry.

I feel like while I don't agree with things others are engaging in I should probably try to be tolerate. To still give them love. To try and make them "know" God...I may be the only person who has reached out to them in that way.

I don't think that God is going to going to only let certain denominations in heaven, I think if you have a relationship with are going to heaven...if you put him first.

I may be totally delusional! I just try to have the best relationship with God I can have everyday.

I know a lot of you will disagree and I understand..I am just kinda thinking out loud :)

Back in the saddle

Trying to get back in the saddle but it's easier said than done, but hey isn't almost everything.

Hopefully, I can get the broken molar taking care of this week.

Have a mentioned that I have a CHILDISH,RIDICULOUS,IRRATIONAL fear of the dentist.

Have I mentioned I have this fear because Novocaine doesn't numb I can feel everything.....

Have I mentioned they want to try to keep me awake :P

Have I mentioned I am starting to freak out.

But Have I mentioned it is alive, so it is kinda forcing my hand :P

Sorry I don't have an "uber" exciting life for you to read about... I am working on it...LOL

Let me give you some kiddie advice.

Post a pic and some advice...easy right?

Never let your son, check the oil.

Never let your son design your wedding cake, or promise him he can :)Or you may end up with a cake like this :)

Never leave your son in a room with a dry erase marker :P Or they may sport a beard .

Or maybe tattoos are his thing??

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Step AWAY from the glue GUN.

Seriously, I never know when to stop. I had a baby shower that I helped out with today.

I always wayyyyyyyyy over make crafty goodies ESPECIALLY if it's for someone who is a crafty person too :)

I made Christy a corsage

Then I made the diaper cake

Then I made a diaper wreath...

Which is where I should have stopped...LOL

But I had to make two more baskets :P

Wish I had gotten a better picture off all the cuteness inside :)

I just couldn't stop. I never can. Nothing is funnier to me than doing something crafty and I am sooo dang OCD about it is nuts.

Everything has to be coordinated and I get consumed by the little details... :P The joy of having a type A personality.

I need more hobbies ;)

Honestly, if I hadn't seemed obsessed I would have probably made a blanket...LOL

I seriously, need a 12 step program.

I had to go cold turkey on scrapbooking for a while....because Houston had 20 books at 4 years old...**hangs her head***

It is sick and horrifying I know.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Where is the traffic to run into???

Went to the dentist this morning, basically all the infections in the glands,nodes, etc spread to the tooth and cause the mother trucker to break off. It is ALIVE. So it hurts and the dentist says it has to come out, but he can't do it. Cue the music...seriously???

So the oral surgeron has to take it out and the first available appt isn't for weaks and I have a tooth with the nerve exposed and broken off that is infected...OKAY.

So needless to say I am going to try to make it through the weekend and figure crap out.

I swear I wish if the world was really going to end in 2010 that it happens today...or at least this weekend.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The other shoe has dropped

Was eating dinner tonight and half a back molar broke off, and it is still alive :O For sure. I wish it weren't. Apparently, they don't lie when they said some of the meds can make my teeth soft. Because half the dang tooth fell off :O

So off to the dentist I go tomorrow.

I mean seriously??? What are the odds?

I have no fillings just apparently have teeth as soft as cheese.

My mommy is 50 :)

Just wanted to say "Happy Birthday"!

Still trucking along

Still feel way yuck but glad to be home. I literally slept all day. Seriously, and I went to bed early last night. I could still sleep for hours but what ya going to do?

I am still in some pain but feel better. Just trying to grin and bear it with over the counter meds.

Yeah, way easier said than done, but doing it :)

The steriods are making me soooo flushed. I look like I have a bad sunburn...I am sure people are like wth??? But what can you do ? LOL

Got a baby shower to go to on Saturday so I gotta rest up. I am sure it will wear me out. I feel like I am 100 :P

Oh well, it CAN always be WORSE. So I am counting my blessing and hoping all this passes fast so I can do stuff I want to do, like mess around with my camera,take Houston places,etc.

Cross your fingers.

You don't realize how much you take that stuff for granted. I realize more and more every day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Home :)

Got home lots of antibotics and steriods but home :)

Miserably swollen from all the iv fluids but other than that can't complain, tonight may be a long night, going cold turkey on no pain meds...don't like to take them at home :)

So we shall see how this all pans out lots of doc appts over the next week and my they can keep an eye on me :)

Just glad to be home, which you can probably tell by all the smileys :)

Yay!!! I was going nuts. The lack of sleep is killing me...I hate being woke up contstanly and no sooner would I get to sleep than the pain was waking me up.

I am hoping for lots of sleep tonight.But it usually takes like a week to get back in the swing of things.

Lets hope I can keep the attitude in check with more steriods than normal.

Just sooooo glad I didn't have to have the lymph nodes drained, they are still waiting on one more scan but it all looks good :) well for me, considering.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still in the hospital, almost 8 days later

Yeah, this is one of the reasons I put off coming in..something always go amiss and they want to keep me in,one of the docs said I needed 10 more days of the steriods and antibotics, but I hate to tell them I am doing it at home..I am whimpered and whined enough I ***hopefully*** should come home tomorrow.

Lets hope and pray and hope that everything goes good tonight and hopefully I can be sprung free.

I am going crazy. Still in pain but it is more manageable... :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Checking in from the hospital....I am alive

Yeah, I knew I was going to end up here....

Been in two nights so far, this is my third...probably looking at a few more days.

Had a hard time getting my pain under control and barfed all last night..but tonight/today I have realized that I am being stupid to try and lay off the pain meds.

The swelling is down a little bit, just being pumped full of antibiotics.

They did say that the mass/lump did seem to be lymphatic and not malignant...which is good :) Too be honest I had never thought it would be anything but lymphatic...

Off to try and catch up on blog reading....

I am missing my little man :(

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I am alive just kinda wishing I wasn't...

Okay, that is an exaggeration but not by much. I have the infected salivary gland again. And the pain is ungodly. My teeth ache, my ear aches, my face is swollen and hurts.

Not fun.

I have a feeling that they will want to do continuous IV antibiotics...sometimes I balk at going into the hospital and they let me drive up every day to do it, but I feel so bad this time, I will just let them put me in.

I have had no sleep and still haven't managed to be pain free.

I just wanted you all to know I am alive, just sick...which is basically the story of my life.

This week or so has been ROUGH, I am not even going to lie...lots of crying because of the pain and the frustration of never feeling good.

I would love to feel "normal". I know that won't happen so I just want to get back to "my" normal.

Going to lay in the bed and whimper some more :(

I may be being a pansy but what can I say!? It hurts :(

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Why did you choose the camera you have?Lights,CAMERA,action....

Just because I find this interesting!

I know myself as well as a lot of you love anything photography related!

I find it interesting how drawn you can be toward a certain model/brand of camera.

I love to hear how people ended up with the camera they did :)

So what camera do you have and why did you decide on that particular model? Also what is your dream camera???

Trying not to go Van Gogh....

It is all I can do to not go all Van Gogh and cut my ear off. To say it is hurting a wee bit, is a major understatement!!

The ear isn't so bad in itself. It is the infection on that side of my face in the salivary gland....ouch.Yeah,the right side of my face looks like I have been sucker punched...LOL

So sorry............ I have been scarce but pain meds make me sick so I have been trying to sleep as much off as I can :P

Having computer issues too so that bites!Wish I had the dough for another one, but it isn't in the cards.

Oh well :)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Little James Spann

That title will make NO sense to anyone not in the area...he is a local weatherman ;)

Today, I went with Houston's preschool class to the McWane Science Center because they are doing a unit on Dinos :) He had to tell everyone that they weren't real bones, only plastic :P

Mr. Literal is hard to impress...very analytical.

He did however LOVE the "green screen". He had everyone laughing as he ran from hurricanes, tornado's etc. Always the ham.

He also loved the thermal camera... :)

There was an animation station I about had to drag him away from too :)

He loves science so it was right up his alley and he loved having his friends there.

Only thing he was iffy on was the sharks... he was convinced kids were going to lose fingers ;)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I may not have health but I have some great amigas :)

Seriously, I feel blessed everyday that I have friends who take time out of their day to help with something...see below, THANKS Wendy.

To talk me off the ledge, thanks Candace.

To give me an unbiased opinion, thanks Jo.

To share my love of Adam Lambert, thanks Leanne :)

To help me through hard times, thanks Mom group.

To be my friends even from a distance, Christine,Mary,Theresa and lots more.

To my Internet buds....I feel like I know ya!

I seriously feel a little less sad and a lot more happy when you all brighten my day with your kindness.

You truly are the best, and I feel soooooo lucky to have you.

Just call me Martha....or maybe not.


I just like to do craft stuff, not hard time ;)

Here is what I did today.

My friend Wendy helped me tie some of the is my fatal flaw ;) Dang swollen joints..I feel like I am trying to tie stuff while wearing a hamburger helper hand...LOL

Monday, February 01, 2010

Couple more circus pics :)

Houston forgives me....

Aw, he was so cute this morning and was patting my face...and kissing on me and giving me great hugs and his huge little eyes looked on mine and he said "I forgive you."

I told him thanks and asked him why?

He said "I forgive you for all the nice things you do, you are berry sweet to me , I love you"

It was so sweet I waited to tell him the difference between forgiveness and appreciation ;)