Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Life in the House of Big Cheese

We have been fairly busy. This time of year is so hectic. Lots of appointments. At least I once again have a car so I am not being hauled around. Praise god!

Houston's talking is getting better everyday or at least it seems so to me. He is still behind but not horribly bad or so I think :P He has started to call people by their first names with no prompting etc. ,so he is getting better with his expressive speech.

It finally rained last night. We had not had rain in so long! I am now majorally freaked to go outside though because we have had a lot of snakes in the neighborhood this week ....UGH

The hubby is having to work alot which bites but what can you do.

I am getting sad, our best friends here,really only good friends are moving to Boston in a few months ...**Sniff. I guess I will have to make a road trip!

Well I will write more later. I just had a sec and thought I would let you know I was alive.

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