Thursday, January 27, 2011

Circus time.

I love the circus, even though I am SCARED to DEATH of clowns, but I love my little dude so much...I bit the bullet and we got front row tickets..WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Here are a couple unedited snapshots. I wanted to enjoy not be obsessing over pics.

We were so close :)

Pics at listed ```

Scary Clowns...I was having heart palpatations.
Houston trying on circus clothes :)
Houston and a VERY NICE, kinda scary clown he was flirting with ;)
Lady on an elephant I feared was going to trample us :P

Soooo very fun. We had performers talking and signing things for us all night. I didn't have that much fun as a child :)

I am going to start blogging again, pinky promise.

Just had a ton on my plate with the divorce and all. We also moved back to where all our family is, I am actually living in an apartment off my parents house, super cool I know.

But it is great because
* I can save money
* I have help when I am sick, which I have been having some issues with.
* Houston gets to see his family often.

Not super cool, but it was the best choice for us.

Houston is doing great in school. He loves it most of the time, and has a girlfriend he is sure he will marry.

Weekends without Houston are hard but I ususally go watch my little brother play or go watch a movie, or just destress.

They are putting the finishing touches on the apartment and as much as I love the parentals, I need a little more "me" space. Excited to decorate it. It's not huge but enough. A huge wall in closet, a bath, kitchen area, living room and two bedrooms. Not fancy fancy but hey, I am so blessed to have parents whoe were willing to help me out with everything from a place to live, to helping with Houston, and just loving on us :)

Lately, I am just working on making me the best I can be. Houston has adjusted as well as can be expected.

I love my little dude !