Sunday, April 27, 2008


Trying to see if this thing still works ;0)

Sorry I have been MIA. Just had a busy few days. Just been a little heavy hearted as well with things that some of my poor friends are having to deal with. I hate to see people in pain :(

Anyway, Houston is snoozing away. I will have to pay for this later. He got up early this morning to go to Mass. We go to the early one so I am getting him up about
6:15. A few minutes before I get him up before school. Those extra minutes must be a big deal :P

I have my treatment tomorrow so I feel sooo tired :P I will be very glad to get my "Liquid Gold."

Anyway, I will try and write more later. My brain is shot.

I enjoyed Mass today, I did have a mishap though. Me and the lady next to me went down on a kneeler. Her side was missing the screw :O We about bit it big time ....not good. Good message though :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taking a Break

Taking a little bit of a break in the backyard watching my little guy drive his power wheel and thought I would do a little update.

I had a pretty good day. I am joining another gym tomorrow. I have been having major self esteem issues, with all the extra weight the predisone has piled on :P Hopefully, it will help.

I am proud of myself. I prayed the Rosary today and did pretty well remember everything. It is starting to be second nature. Still a little intimidated to do it before Mass though. I am slow :P LOL

I am about to feast on some lovely baked lays and a diet mountain dew. The sun is shining. I just talked with some great people in a Catholic chat room. Houston is behaving. Today is a good day:)

I hope everyone else is having a good day. I admit I didn't get a whole lot done today, but my house is pretty tidy and I am just feeling puny waiting on my treatment next week :P

Off to read a few blogs! You are all so much more entertaing than I am. :O I am even bored with myself

Monday, April 21, 2008

weekend weekend weekend

Houston spent the night with grandparents Saturday night, I went and did my own thing while the hubby was working.

Later we went out to eat and to hear a band. It was fun :)

Yesterday, I went to Mass. It was great. We had a Baptism and all kinds of other good stuff. Loved the Message. God is the way,the truth and the life.

After, that dh had more outside stuff to do. He told me treat myself to the book store so I did ;) I then went to eat at Panera....YUM YUM YUM.

I came home realized in the sun, went for a walk and talked to a neighbor. Then the kiddo was home! Loved on him. Played and went to sleep:)

He is napping right now. I am about to make him some lunch then we are going to have fun in the back yard.

Oh, hubby is also probably going to get me my new camera this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yay, me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa tagged anyone who was reading her blog to do this little goodie. So here it is:

What is your relationship status?
I have been married since 1/4/03. We have been together since 2000.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Gavin Rossdale

Who is your favorite band/Singer?
Love my brother's band. I love all kinds of music. I love Jimmy Buffet, Jack Johnson, Enya, No Doubt, Nirvana you name it I love it!I just love music in general!

What is your favorite Disney Movie?
Aladdian. She looks the most like me...LOL

What is your life goal?
To be a great mother and wife.
Me big and preggo with Houston, I promise I am not "THAT" pasty looking in real life ;)

Where do you live?
Our House way back when we FIRST moved it :)

Where do you work?

Who do people think you look like?


I have been told a few different people, mainly people with large lips like me..LOL
Liv Tyler,etc. Don't I wish:P

What do you drive?
An older Black Dodge Durango

What is your favorite T.V. Show?
Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway and anything on the Learning Channel or BBC America

What is your favorite color?
The color of Houston's eyes :)

Not a great pic but you get the idea :P

What is your favorite food?
Anything ethnic :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tball Goodness

Already Praying:P

We have another Tball game tonight. God, help us.

Houston loves it, which is the only reason we keep going back.

It is almost phyiscally painful :P UGH.

I haven't done much today. I had a stomach virus yesterday. Still recovering today.

I hope Houston behaved at school. He has been a little rough around the edges lately. Not horrible just hyper :P God Bless his teachers.

I am about to have to leave to go pick him up. I hate waiting in the line for an hour :P I just read my Bible sometimes call friends and family :P

I am sorry I am soo soo boring today. What can I say? I have laid low.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tball madness!

Houston had a game today, he did better but still is the "wild" one. He wouldn't stay out in the field but he did bat,twice. He tried and he did do better :)

He is a work in progress. :)

I will post a few bad pics....hey I was happy to get any..LOL Shutter Delay BITES.

Keeping his eye on the ball.

Hitting it with Daddy.

Running towards the dugout.


I am.....

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I got my hair hacked off....and....

I feel like a new woman. After drying my hair for an hour this morning, I was so over it. So I went and got like 9 inches or so cut off....Feels great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to see a picture of me in a bikini?????

Thought it was only fitting as bathing suit season was here....Maybe it will motivate me.........................
Scroll****** Down*******


Gotcha. :P

T-ball....The game

Oh,the horror.

These pictures could never express.


Notice the untucked shirt, the pants that are way up the wide expanse of lily-white leg that is showing.

The helmet that barely fits.



The hubby and cheese.The hubby is tucking his shirt in for the 900th time.

I am alive...I promise.

Okay,first things first.

The Tball game was HORRIBLE. Houston didn't want any of it. I have like 2 pictures. He wanted to play in the mud :P Picture in your mind, your worst nightmare. I PROMISE it was worse. Yeah.

Lets see, he did pretty well in school this week. He was a little wound up probably because it is starting to get pretty again. I hope.

I broke the door to my oven this past weekend:P The glass just shattered out.The piece came in yesterday. The hubby will have to put it in this weekend :P

Our houseguest that we have had for a few months, has a place :) Love him to death but I will be kinda glad for a break.

The hubster suprised me lat weekend with bringing home a recliner.
I like it.It is just a taupe colored one with big black speckled things in it...LOL. I don't know how else to describe it. He got it from Haverty's maybe they have a picture up..LOL

He also let me go get a new table :) *Insert big smile* It is a pub style table, that my poor arthritic body loves :)

I am loving my new stuff :) We never by new stuff and stuff was getting worn out. From here on out hopefully we can just by a piece at a time.

I gotta come up with something fun to do with Cheese. Maybe a movie? I need to see what is playing. I may take him to Chuck E. Cheese again. Who knows.

He is getting better with his speech. He isn't severely delayed anymore, just somewhat delayed.In some situations he is almost passable as just another kiddo. Which makes me so happy but also makes me feel like I constantly have to make excuses for his quirks etc. I think he needs a shirt that says. " I have delays, what." LOL

I find myself checking others blog a few times a day to see if they updated...and getting a little sad when they don't and yet I hardly ever update. Maybe because I don't see HOW anyone could find my blog even somewhat interesting.

Oh another wee little update is we booked our tickets up to Plymouth, MA this June.Yay, a vacation!!!!! I am pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to post some pics :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

I must have lost my mind......

I am about to take the Cheeseman to the other Big Cheese, Chuck E. Cheese to be exact. Say a little prayer that we come out unscathed. He is eating his lunch now and then we are on our merry little way. :P

Not much has went on today,Houston and I have just been doing fun stuff.

Houston's first tball game is Saturday. It is going to be painful, I fear :O

I will post a video of it for sure. They won't have their uniforms yet :P

Oh well, sorry for the driveby, gotta run!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Too cute not to share...very blog worthy..LOL

Well as many of you know I almost joined the LDS church. Even though it felt mostly right there were a few things I was having trouble with. The hubby was having the same stumbling blocks.

We both were researching and praying and decided that the Catholic Church was the perfect fit for OUR family.My mother's family is Catholic so I know a lot more about the religion than the hubby but he is coming along :) I have been sharing with him what I do know as well. I will be starting classes at the church in the fall maybe as early as the summer.

Among other things:

We do believe believe there is a apostle, the pope. We believe that Jesus founded his Church upon Peter.
We don't believe in a one size fits all heaven.
We believe in Original Sin.
Good works are important.

So we feel the Catholic Church is the fit for us.

I have literally prayed and thought all this out for about 10 years :O Indecisive much?

Anyway, Houston has always loved reading his Bible. He stumbled upon me doing "Quiet Time" one day and the rest is history. He loves to read his bible and pray with me. He takes notes too.....Okay, okay he draws pictures ;)

He was looking extra cute today.He happened to be wearing his Holy Spirit shirt after a potty accident at school so I thought I would share pictures.




His notes...LOL