Thursday, June 14, 2007

Holy Mother of God

Houston has been a wild little beast the last few days. He isn't bad...just into everything. He soaks everything he sees in. The other day I had to pop a door look that he had locked with a knife. The next day he locks it on purpose and runs to the silverware drawer :O I about died!

In the last few days he has peed in my kitchen,pulled the drapes down,colored on walls,dumped his drink over his head just to name a few things.

He is doing super cute things though. Acting out his favorite movies. He is so cute,if I say so myself ;)

Today, I was going to take him to the Children's museum and guess what the car I bought 34 days ago wouldn't crank. A mecanic friend looked at it and had fixed it in 30 seconds.The part is only like 40 big ones....but it screwed up the whole any cleaning I got done was shot. So I will have to wake up at like 6 to clean before the EI lady comes.....ugh ugh ugh.

Good news was I got the cash from the guy who rearended me in the above said car 2 or so weeks ago. Praise God.

I have been trying to organize more lately. I managed to get the walk in closet and another closet done on Monday....Yay me. I still got lots of things to do. I am a flawed perfectist. I would love it organized but the organizers are expensive.

Anyway, I will write more tomorrow. I just took a Lunesta so I am getting tired and loopy :P

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Sara said...

How are things going??? How's the Cheese Man?
Hope all is well :)