Thursday, January 25, 2007

So much to little time.

I have so much I needed to do tonight but no energy this no sleep thing is kicking my booty. I also think I am more tired because I am due for my immune system treatment and also because I haven't gotten to go to the Y this week :( I have worked out at home but with Hubby working late and ds sick it wasn't in the cards. I will hit the Y a few times this weekend though.

Praise God tomorrow is Friday. I can't wait to the weekend.. I would love to actually get to relax some....we will see how that goes.

Houston was a little ham tonight.He is beyond obsessed with anything musical. He played a Kazoo and his real little guitar for us all night. I think he needs to release a record;)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This not being able to sleep the pitts....

Man, I wish I could just lay down and sleep. Insomnia is the pitts I tell you, the pitts.

Houston was being a ham tonight....he is loving the bad contestants on A I. He laughs and tries to mimic them.

Something I have noticed with ds besides his weird pronuncating,he subsitutes letters sometimes. Like the kid can't make a T sound...they become a C sound. We were a "hac" when it's cold. He loves "Cacs" not get the idea....very strange indeed.

I need to remember to take some snapshots of Houston tomorrow.It has been about a week...which is unheard of. Honestly, with him being sick I am in like Zombie mode.

Anyway, I will right more tomorrow when I can think clearly. Sorry in advance for the horrible spelling and grammar errors....For same!

Been a crazy couple of days...

Houston is getting over the "fever" ;P He had a mild little seizure the other night the best we could tell. We realized he was being quiet and then noticed he was making weird movements and his eyes were fixed and dilated.

I hope this higher dose of meds helps. I can't wait until these things are a distant memory.

I have been so freaking tired the last few days because I am watching him like a hawk at night. I can't wait till he is well again.

I need to clean when I get home but we will see how that pans out. Houston is such the weapon of mass destruction anyway. You clean it he trashes it.

Houston should be starting speech soon. Yay! He has gotten better with his talking but he is still behind.He couldn't hear for about a yr...lots of catching up. The seizures have slowed things down too. I can't wait until he is right where he needs to be.

I have been down about thing lately. I need to try to turn over a new leaf. I have tried just to turn if all over to God but hey I am still a work in progress.

I will write more tonight.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here is the linky to my other now washed out blog.

Linky Linky...

Scarlet fever has me seeing red!

Poor Houston managed to catch it again. Thank God it seems to be a milder case each time.

We also had our neuro appt yesterday. They upped his dosage for now until they get the results of his eeg. So I will keep you all posted.

I will write more later.

Okay, Don't laugh

I had started another blog and was doing well keeping it updated and I'll be dang I totally spaced on the PW and can't remember which of my emails I registered with....can we say Dummy!?