Sunday, November 29, 2009

I am all dreading finding a place for all these presents...

Various family members are filling me in on what they are getting Houston, a train table,gaming systems, you name it.

I swear I am going to have to add a wing on to the house.

I just found out that my grandmother is in the hospital, hopefully she gets out tomorrow. She is having blood issues. She is in the hospital getting transfusions now.

I hope everything helps and she gets out soon :(

Jeremy and I have been watching the show "Suprnatural" today and it is pretty good. I had never even heard of it before.

I got lots of good dvds the other day with birthday money....:) Yay, me.

Houston has been a little messy boy the last couple of days...the dragging out gets old :P

Sorry don't have a ton to write about...I will attempt to write more later but I can't be held accountable if I don't.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

time flies by

I am sitting here looking at some old pics of Houston, and man he has grown up so much.

You take tons of pictures and think that you will never forget but it does get harder and harder to remember their little smells etc.

It flies by so fast.

You never have enough pictures.

10 guilty pleasures.....

What are your guilty pleasures?

1. I love any kind of kiddie pageant show. I am totally appalled but can't look away.
2. I love the smell of Baby Magic so much I even use it on myself.
3. I love british tv.
4. I also love british magazines.
5. I hate sweet things but love sour patch kids.
6. I love to read.
7. I still watch stuff on MTV.
8. I just bought the new Adam Lambert CD.
9. I am addicted to Diet Mt. Dew
10. I love anything vintage.

How about YOU?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh and happy update

Even though Houston's spine is abnormal it doesn't look like as of now that surgery is necessary :) Yay.

I will find out a little more on the 18th :)

Just wanted to let everyone know.

My birthday ain't all bad

I always hated as a little girl that my birthday feel on the weekend of the SEC championships, that is a big deal here. It used to put a major damper on things....

Well over the last few years we celebrate it will family on turkey day, it's the 4th so close enough.

Well now that I got birthday dough and it is black friday, I am thinking it ain't too bad ;)

Off to spend my money :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kinda in a funk

Usually the holidays make me feel happy and light but this year I am a little gloomier than usual.

Not sure why.

Maybe when I get my tree up I will get excited.

I have been sick and quarantined for so long that I think it is getting to me.

My birthday is coming up, another year older, oh JOY. One year closer to middle age.I am ALWAYS SICK OR IN THE HOSPITAL the week or Thanksgiving and my Birthday :(

Today is the anniversary of the day my mom's mother died, which makes me sad. Then I get thinking about Pap paw :( and all the special things he did for us for Christmas...and I get missing him.

I get sad that Houston will never get the excitement of having a brother or sister to share the fun of Christmas with...then I get feeling depressed, and wondering what have I done to only have one live baby out of four. Then I get feeling really bad because I do have one baby, and some people would do anything for that.

I love Houston more than life itself. He is great, I miss him tons today because he has been staying with family so I didn't get him sick. So I think that is where a lot of the yuckiness stims from.

I am really missing friends and family :(

I know I should be thankful for my blessings and I am...but I am a little sad this year too and that makes me feel quilty.

Monday, November 23, 2009

oink oink oink

Sorry I have been alive just had the grand ol' swine flu.

Yeah, it's been not too fun.Lots of extra meds and some extra iv antibiotics.

Hopefully I an on the butend of it, or I can at least hope so ;)

I have kicked butt and took names and got all the Xmas presents I already have for Houston and family today....

Today for Houston I have wrapped...:
Thomas dvd and train
another Thomas dvd and train
Thomas 3 pack dvd
Thomas 4 in 1 Book
Thomas Water Tower
Tomas bath towel
phonic game
10 Thomas trains
click start adapter, click start system and 7 games :)
2 more Thomas books
Melissa and Doug puzzle
Melissa and Doug pizza set
Melissa and Doug cupcakes
Melissa and Doug sketch pads
Another 3 pack Thomas dvd
Hi Ho Cheerio
Prayer Book
I cumin Book and 2 coloring books
Knight set
Operation Game
Bubble Bath Thomas set
Unexplained Books
Extreme Nature Book
Max and Ruby DVD
Creatures Book
Follow Along Reader
4 more Thomas trains
Frosty the Snowman-2 dvd set

and I think that is it for now :P I need to stop shopping ;) LOL

I also have folded like 9oo loads of laundry,Houston isn't home so I am moving pretty fast. Amazing how that happens ;)

Well off to get an hour power nap :)

oink onik onik

Monday, November 09, 2009

A few of my favorite things.....

I am not Oprah, so I know this isn't super exciting but here you go :) :

My latest favorite thing is any cleaning product by Mrs. Meyers.

I love the smell, they work great, they are all natural and generally just heavenly.

Speaking of smelling heavenly OMG I love the smell of this "Clean Linen" spray. You can use it on fabrics or air :)

I love this stuff, and it has a nice tingly feeling and just a hint of color.

See this well loved tin, it has one of the greatest hair products known to man, it goes everywhere with me :)

You are either team baby magic or johnson and johnson. I am team baby magic. I still use it as a soap on Houston and sometimes myself ;)

What do you love? Any recent favorites ???

Oh and a pic of the cutest boy ever ;)