Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year like a 3 year old ;)

Here are a few pics from our early low key NYE.
This one shoes exactly how tall...litte man is...he is well above or waists :P

Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's been a lazy day.

Poor Hubby was out working on something on my car to the wee hours last night and is now paying for it with a migrane. He has been in bed most of the day and of course Houston wants to play his REAL electric guitar my parents got him while singing into his microphone :P Little turkey.

Houston funny- The hubby let ds watch a little bit of SpiderMan 3 the other day while I was gone. So now whenever he does something bad he says " Mommy, I wearing da Black suit" and gives me a how didn't you know that look. WTH???LOL

The hubby will probably be up all night tonight:P No rest for me:P

Well, I will write more later, just wanted to let everyone or anyone who may read my sad,sad, little pathetic blog that we are alive :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Xmas haul...

Sadly, I took like 5 pics :P

Unwrapped Wrapped from me, daddy& Santa :)

Christmas is over and we are still alive :)

I am still trying to be as hoildayish as possible though. I decided to cook a big ol' dinner tonight. Ham, ranch potatoes, baked squash,stuffing, fried okra, mac and cheese and corn. It was sooooo dang yummy.

I couldn't even finish half a plate's worth..LOL I will post a pic, please excuse the bowls and plates I dumped them on when ready...I just wanted to have to pop the tops on to put away"P

It was delicious though:) And unhealthy:P

Ds got so much for Christmas , I am having a hard time figuring out where to put it all. Right now, it's all in clear plastic tubs:P I am going to purge some of his old stuff and give it to charity :)

All in all we had a pretty good hoilday. We kept it lowkey and focused on what's important :)

I will post a few Christmas pics too...don't judge me by Houston's stash 99% of it was bought on sale. My middle name is " Baragin Hunter-Coupon Queen", seriously ;)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

CHRISTmas fun....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we had a good Christmas. Houston was so very excited! We explained to him why we were celebrating Christmas. We watched Christmas movies and left out cookies and milk for ol' Ho Ho on Christmas eve after getting back from visiting my mom's family and hubby's twin brother and his family. It was fun!

Christmas morning, Houston got way to much stuff, but loved and was thankful for everything! He would exclaim " Wiggles EBD, I love the Wiggles." Etc.....It was cute :)

He has been in hog heaven playing with his stuff today. We bought him more educational stuff but of course he got lots of toys from family.

I will post some pics later, off to play a game of Lucky Ducks :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh and just for kicks...Christmas's Past....

Some Vintage Big Cheesy goodness..

I got my computer back with all my good ol' Houston pics....

Well I have been slowly but surely getting over the funk that I have had. Praise God! Yay,me.

I have gotten all the gifts that are going to be gotten. Yay, me again. It it isn't isn't going to be :O

Houston is soooo stinking cute with his love for Santa. We went to see him last night and he was so stinking excited. So excited I got the WORLD"S WORST santa pic. He is looking to the side with Jack Nicholson eyebrows..the one I snapped with my camera....Santa is holding his head to the front...yeah..not good. I think I am going to take him to visit the other Santa and hope for the best. So when he wakes up from his nap...he is getting put back in his Christmas outfit:P Obessive much?

Houston tells us something new he wants Santa to bring him everyday. The last few days he has went on and on about dinosaurs and fire we have franically tracked some down:P The craziest thing he has wanted was a "Crying Baby." Yeah, not happening, little man. If he thinks Santa is bringing that, boy will he be disappointed!

All my presents are wrapped and ready to go. We have to head to my mom's Christmas thing tomorrow. It should be fun. A big ol' Lebanese Christmas. I will post some pics, if I manage to get any good ones. I so wish I already had my DSLR, but it ain't going to happen :P Oh well, patience is a virtue.

My house is clean for the most part...thank god. I can have a lazy Sunday, for ONCE. :O I so dread fighting the traffic to go see Santa again:P

Monday, December 17, 2007

I swear I am blogging challenged.....

I read all these wonderful blogs and get totally wrapped up and invested in them...then there is mine. I swear it has to be the most boring blog ever.

Am I really this boring? Or just misunderstood?LOL

I have lots that I haven't updated here is it goes.

Houston had his developmental testing. They told me that day that they felt just like everyone else alot of his problem boils down to his seizures...who knows. I was supposed to meet with the school board on the 13th but wouldn't you know....I came down with a bad lung infection I am still trying to fight, so instead, I end up hooked up to massive dosages of steriods and antibotics trying to keep myself out of hospital....only time will tell.

I haven't even gotten half of the presents bought and yet I am supposed to stay home...I may have to turn the reins over to the hubby :O

I am still waiting on a few boxes from ebay. So of the stuff is my little sister's present...I ordered her alot of old babysitter's club books, she has started to read them and they aren't published anymore :( I also have a little confession....I ordered a duplicate or two for me on some of my old favorites....Am I nuts? My I have them for the daughter I may have one day...LOL Yeah, I am nuts.

I am also waiting on my new lcd for my laptop to wonderful hubby decided to fix my busted screen for christmas. Yay!!!!!! I miss having my own computer.

God, all these steriods are making me so hungry...I am about at the point of knawing off my arm...I need to lock up the fridge.

Houston's talking has really improved lately. Yeah, him. He is still behind but doing better. He was actually singing Jingle Bells in the store today and other people could tell what he was singing :) It's a small thing but hey it is still sweet.

Well, I better run, I will try to update later tonight with something witty and insightful :P