Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Well...went to the follow up ob appt.

Found out the baby was a girl :*( She had a extra 8th chromosome. It was a lethal anonomoly,meaning if I had carried her to term she would have been stillborn.

We still gotta go to the genetic guy...we will see how it all pans out.

I swear finding out the sex is almost like losing the pregnancy all over again...I guess because you know what you lost...kwim?

Still praying...all I can do :(

Thursday, February 21, 2008

All boys are sleep.....all snuggled in bed.....visions of who knows what dance in their heads.

Poor Cheese feel asleep standing up. He was pooped. He cracks me up. He was bad today after school. I think it was because he was SOOOOO tired. Either way after peeing on my floor....he decided he was sleepy ;P

The hubby is getting better. He gets the stint out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be busy. Hubby's appt, Neuro appt. for Cheese, and Monday a doc appt. and treatment for me. :P Gotta love all those copays ;P I kid...I kid. Well, kinda.

Well gals, I have some laudry to fold. The nerve! I will pipe in tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hola Amigas!

Just thought I would put some pen to paper.....okay well fingers to keys while Cheese was sleeping.

I so hoped he could go to school today. Um, no sch luck took his temp before bed 102.2. :P Gotta love some good old viruses.

He is sleeping it off. My deranged husband went into work for a few hours...I think he is almost likes pain. WTF was he thinking?? I have tried to call and make sure he hasn't had to be rushed to the ER or something and wouldn't you know my phone isn't working...Lovely. That was only beaten by when my water wasn't working this morning. Lovely again. It is now working praise god! No phone I emailed him, hope he gets it?!

I am sitting in my recliner inhaling the smell of my house. Our house smells like it is Easter all year round, have I mentioned my penchant for cleaning with it.

Onto, other I am so exciting I don't know where to start.

First, things first................................................................... I am drawing a blank here. Let's see.....I am still in a maniac organization frenzy which I can really only remedy with lots of organization things...alas I don't have them :P

Secondly, this nursemaid stuff gets a little old.

Thirdly, I feel for the hubby with this stone...seriously. I have tried to tell him I SOMEwhat know. I did push a fused forehead almost 15 inches to be exact out of my hooha. Private part pain is bad no matter who you are. Just saying.

Ain't that some head.

Lastly, If you are a praying gal please pray for wealth for us......I mean all seriousness. This being sick the PITTS.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hubby had surgery yesterday. Not fun. It was to remove a kidney stone :P Need I say more.

I was woken up by Cheese talking in his sleep at 2 am. Went in felt he was hot brought him into our bedroom to take his temp. I got a face and chestfull of vomit. :P Yuck. He apparently now has a stomach virus. Bless his heart.

Oh if you want to see his room ( the previous slideshow) you have to click view slide show or whatever.

I go Monday to the OB to find out hopefully was the cause of the fetal demise as they call it :**( I will keep ya posted.

Then on to the specialists, fun fun fun! **Dripping with sarcasm**

I will post more later. I am in a funk. My house is mostly clean. I have nothing to do....both my patients are sleeping :P

Sunday, February 17, 2008

No time to post here is some eye candy:P

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A dirty little secret............

This one is mucho embarassing. You want to see my secret shame?

Can you read he labels????

That's right that is my collection of Baby-sitter's Club books. I found out they weren't printed anymore and had to start recollecting them. My others burned in a house fire :( I am also letting my little sister read them. I am buying them at the thirt store a book at a time :P If anyone ever runs into any let me know...LOL

Onto other things. I am sick....AGAIN. So I will be hit or miss probably. Houston is getting better. Poor Jeremy has to have a kidney stone surgery Tuesday. Does it ever end??

Houston is loving school. Yay, him! He loves loves loves it. He had a Vday party and dance today;) How cute?!

Anyway, I will write more when I can think...all this congestion is affecting my brain...LOL