Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waiting on the meatloaf to cook

A few pics and some bloggity blogging.

A rare recent pic of me....

And a recent pic of the purple goes from a lot of messy towels to......

that pretty purple :)

I am sitting her waiting on the meatloaf to finish cooking the potatos,corn and mac and cheese are cooked.Meatloaf is a family favorite. I know it it a love it or hate it thing...we love it..with lots of peppers and veggies in it.The more the better it is!

Running a little late because we went over to play a friend. I had a blast. Great to visit with an adult :)

Houston and his buddy played good good as a 6 yr old girl and 4 yr old boy play:)

Watching Hell's what a trainwreck but yet I watch:)

Got a series from Movie Stop when I traded in my Season 4 of Grey's called Miracles that looks pretty good. We shall see.

I watched a Dr. Who marathon during my treatment. It was good. Probably go to the mail branch of the library and check on out tomorrow.

Oh Houston made me proud. He could read all the sightwords on the box when my friend asked him...**sniff**sniff. He is getting so big!

I know this is some borning blogging but it's been a long day, it is raining and Jeremy is doing pricing so he is having to work late:P

My brain is shot :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us your wedding dress....

I felt compared to share my wedding dress. I have spent the last few mintutes clicking on beautiful dresses at

Let me start with the back story.

My mom's mother ran a bridal shop. My mother was her only daughter.My mother's mother had a reoccurance of breast cancer right before mom got engaged. Her mother order her the most beautiful wedding dress, spared no expense. It was a beautiful dress that they had to order from France. She had my mom a cathedral length hand made veil etc.

Well right before my mom's wedding her mother took a turn for the worst and they had to move the wedding up. Good thing they did because her mother died on her orignal wedding date. :(

My mom had always promised her mom that when she had a daughter she would try to do the same thing...basically get her her dream dress.

Well, I have always lusted after a particular designer. Lazaro...they are over the top,showy,quirky and beautiful. But pricey. They start at like $2,000.00 and go up to the price of a new car :O

Anyway, one day I went into a bridal shop and I saw the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. I like it because it was had sleeves, was quirky and just me.

I go to try it on and it is the perfect length....with with my legs is hard! Low and behold, I take it off and it is a Lazaro Gown....even better I got it on sale by buying the sample which had only been tried on like 2 other times. All the gowns are handsewn. They only offered my dress for a shortime because it wasn't super cost effective to make. Lucky me!

So I got my dream dress. It was candlelight so my mother's viel would work. So I had some of my grandmother with me!

I found a perfect tiara. They are all one of a no one else will ever have another exactly like it....but it was sooooo heavy. Almost 3 lbs! All the gemstomes,etc are pretty in real life.

I also had a shorter viel made and used a tiny piece of lace from my mother's again extra special.

I topped it off with some beautiful gloves and best of all a pair of $5 shoes.....hey it comes in handy to have a long narrow foot! :)

Here are a few bad pics...all pre digital. Pics of pics...I need a scanner!

The dress was so heavy! It weighed like 57 lbs seriously. I weighed 112 when we got married so it was almost half my size!

It had layer after layer of pretty.

Oh and all my jewerly was my great grandmother's :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A few of really crappy pics. I will write some boring commentary later ;)

Catching Dinner
Dr. McCheeseMan
Produce Man <3
Puppet Master

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I cried till my eyes hurt.

I have some serious blog envy!

I feel like my blog is so ugly to look at!

Not sure how to fix it. I mess with it a lot but it still looks like crap.

Oh well! What can I do!

Anyway, I am alive. Just feeling yucky and I have been busy. The end of the month is when we have all our doctor appts and when I have my treatments so I just try to tread water.

Not much has been going on otherwise. Houston is done with preschool for the summer until he starts back in August. I am in the mad rush for supplies now. They get all bought up so fast here!

Hopefully, I get to go out with some friends for a Girl's Night Out on Saturday. Just what I need. I feel like I have been chained to the house.

I gotta do some cleaning tomorrow. I need to try and remove all the purple hair dye on everything it has bleed off on. It is worth it but God, it's messy.

I will be glad when MOMS group at church starts back on Tuesday mornings next month. I miss it! I think we are reading "Mere Christianity" this time. So that will be good!

I am addicted to SYTYCD.Can't wait to see what happens tonight. I love watching it. Makes me wish my body would still dance:P

I am loving seeing everyone's beach pics! Makes me feel like I am there! I love the beach I could live there...I would love to actually.

I really am going to try to start blogging more. I just don't live a very exciting life...maybe I could blog about older stuff...who knows?

Today, what got me fired up was debating Socialized medicine :) Maybe I could post a question and get ya'lls viewpoint.

I am not sure anyone is still reading??!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I cry like a baby watching shows like America 's Got Talent

The little guitar player tonight reind me of my brother so I cried.

The cancer survivor on last weeks episode made me cry.

I even cried on the guys who did gymnastics while dunking basketballs.

Man, I am a blubbering idoit.

I don't know when I became such a softie.

Perimenpause does weird things to your body :P

Man, just thinking about the little kid who reminds me of my brother makes me want to cry again...someone get me a tissue ;)

I am soooo beyond pooped the last couple of days. Jeremy was gone on a business trip last week and I had the big cheese by myself...and I tell you that isn't for the faint of heart. He is a livewire!

I have so much to do tomorrow I am dreading it already.

I need to clean the car...yuck.

I need to clean out the fridge :P Again, yuck.

I need to clean the tub, it looks like a smurf bleed out in there. Purple dye is messy.

I have like all my least favorite chores in one day :) Lucky me.

Sorry I have nothing interesting to write about...I am so tired that my brain isn't working:P

Friday, July 10, 2009

My deep dark grocery confessions...You know you have some....

I have came to realize that I have some weird grocery are a few:

You notice there is no produce in those pics...because I only by from local venders if I can help it. I swear I about cried when I pulled up today and the little produce market up by me was already closed. :( I really wanted to get some fresh fruit. I guess I will have to make do with the strawberries, bananas and cantaloupe I have :( I will be hitting them up tomorrow for sure.

Okay, enough about fruit and veggies.

Okay, I rarely by one of anything....not sure why???? I seriously think it is my OCD.
Notice two things of milk,eggs,bread,hotdogs,goldfish crackers,etc...I am a freak.

Then when I check out I group them together and about have tremours if they don't get put together in the same bag. IT IS TOTALLY WEIRD and I KNOW it.

I try to by mostly organic.

I do by my child little debbie cakes. He loves loves loves them. They make ME want to dry heave, I hate the dang things...makes me sick to even take them out of the wrapper to give them to him.

I am a huge cheese snob. We love it. I always buy cheese. This time I did good! Only two blocks of mozerella ;)

I only by organic brown eggs.

Houston loves milk. Soy is way better on his tummy but if I can get the 2 % a lot cheaper I still give it to him...does that make me a bad mom :O

I buy a huge amount of yogurt and yogurt smoothies...I am a snob with that too.. I only by the the brand with the cow...forget the name....It is something like Sunnybrook Farms???

I hate buying ground beef. I like ground turkey much better but still buy it sometimes for the Hubby.

I buy split breast chicken most of the time...a lot cheaper.

I hate fatty meat...I buy the thinnest cuts of EVERYTHING.

We have an addiction to whole grain goldfish crackers.

I buy my son....frozen waffles :P **Hides her head**

I do buy flavoring packages and canned spagetti sauce for when hubby cooks but it makes me kinda sick to even eat it plain..I have to way spice it up.

I never follow recipes...I am a pincher...a pinch of that...a pinch of this.

I do sometimes buy canned veggies. Bad I know but easy on a busy night. I usually use it in some kind of soup or something.

We don't really keep typical snacky type foods in the house.

I love chips but don't buy them..I could eat and eat them. There is one type of chips I will buy but they are hard to find here. They are kettle cooked and all natural. Forget the brand. I just remember it says sharing size on the packaging.

I am HORRIBLE with brand names....I remember the packaging..LOL

I am a peanut butter snob.

I am a major coupon clipper!

How about you!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Purple hair...purple hair.....

I got my mom to do purple highlights in my hair...I love them! So cute...or at least I think so ;)

I can't get a good pic but you get the idea.

We spent the fourth with my parents...not much going on. We basically swam all weekend. We also celebrated Pappaw's first birthday in heaven :*( I miss him.

I will update more later..I promise :)