Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nothing will bond you to a new friend like a good case of food poisioning.....

Well, my best bud here in town moved to Plymouth, Mass. this last week. I am still super bummed about it. We are in touch constantly though and we are going to visit in Feb. :)

Anyway, through Houston's speech "preschool" I met another mommy who I hit it off with. Yay, us :) Anyway, after speech today we took the kiddos to Mickey D's. Neither of us ever eats there unless it is for something like a playdate. So we get the kiddos Happy Meals and we both got a little thing of nuggets....well well well. Both our stomachs start hurting at McDonalds but neither of us say anything because it is akward and we both are thinking it is because both us hardly ever eat fast food......well we decide to take the kiddos to B & N in a snazzy new shopping area....well wouldn't you know.....we get in there and it hits us. ALL modesty was set aside as we were rangling the kiddos and running to the bathroom. No sooner do we get out to the car...and the kiddos are getting sick :P

Yeah, I think we have forged a bond can't almost poop your pants somebody and it not happen...LOL

Sorry if this grossed ya out. I am still feeling bad....poor Houston is doing better. He only had 2 nuggets. :(

I will write more later.....going to go force pedilyte down ds's throat :P


Savage Family said...

That is so sad but I laughed at some of the things you said in your blog!! Food poisioning...That will either make or break your friendship, lol!!!

House of Big Cheese said...

I totally agree....she has 6 kids though so she has seen her share of barfing :P


Tiffany said...

Oh noooo! Lesson learned...don't venture into McDonalds...even for a play date!