Monday, March 26, 2007

Poor Houston can't win for losing.

I was in the powder room today and Houston came and knocked on the door as I was washing my hands. He said " Ow, my face." It was really red. I knew I had no heard him fall so I asked what did you hit it on? Did you fall etc. He told me " No, fall!" I was inspecting checking his pupils thinking maybe he had a a small seizure and whacked himself...I wasn't sure.It was already a little swollen.

Until I came into the living room and found a yellow jacket. Gave him his high dose antihistimine and all is good again. I feel so bad for him though. Talk about a bad week.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Bathtime fun!Few pics nothing special!

Poor Lip!!!
Green water from a dino egg!
Looking a wee bit nuts!
This is what comes in the egg...a little disappointing to say the least!
Bucket Head.

Day that lasted forever.

You can see his sad little lip ;(

Goodness today was lonnnnnngggg. I had to price things for our garage sale tomorrow. I will be glad to have it over and I think because I have the closure of knowing I can't get preggo without help, I know it will be years so I can purge some...KWIM?

I will give you the grand total tomorrow. 99% of it is baby and maternity stuff. Stroller,swing,carseat,riding toy, maternity clothes and tons tons tons tons like hundreds of pieces of boys clothes up to about a 2 or 3T. So we shall see!

I am also going to try to sell on of my die cutting machine. Everything I got is worth about 300. I would take 50 for it all ;P Hoping for 60-75. Who kn0ws??

Poor Houstini

Yesterday, after his sprint to the ice cream truck he ran into one of the bigger kids...think about 5'5 145lbs big and busted his nose and bit his lip bad. He still looks pitiful. Poor little man.

He just cried for a sec and then he was wanting to play again crazy boy.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gotta love it.

You know you want one......All the cool kids are doing I stole the idea from another cool lady! Miss Nitty. Gritty herself, Jody.

When you have nothing exciting to say.....

Picking me a flower..
Looking cool....
Taking a pic of mom.
Enjoying his sucker.
Checking his camera settings ;P

Post pics ;)Took these outside today. I so wish I

had a DSLR. I have my film one which I never use...LOL

Houston apparently thinks he is a photgraper. Today he told me " You Camera falled." I asked who falled it ( dropped it) he said "" I then asked him Daddy dropped your camera...He said " No, Jade's." LOL

I think he is spinning another tale if he isn't I wish hubby would drop it hard enough to get a

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Have a busy day tomorrow.

For your enjoyment! From Easters Past. Visting the bunny!
Me and my Pappaw.
First Easter! At the beach.
Mommy Daddy and Houston at Nana's dying eggs!

Gotta to drive a few hours with a 2 yr old always fun ;)

This weekend we are having a yard sale. I will be getting rid of Houston's swing,etc..**Sniff*Sniff. I know it will be years before I can have another if I even can. I figure it will all be outdated by then. It will still be way sad though :(

I am trying to get some money out of a seller on ebay. It seems like it is harder and harder to make anything on ebay. I think the fees and the new format are part of the reason.

I am excited I have 50 free pics coming from Winkflash. Just had to pay .99 in shipping can't beat that. There was a special for new customers. I usually use snapfish but for free I am willing to try anybody. I go through soooo many pics scrap booking. Alot of the ones I ordered are older ones. It makes me sad that so many of his "firsts"pics got lost when the computer crashed.

I will write more tomorrow. I promise. I still have a little of the stomach flu so I am hitting the hay!

Hope you enjoyed the Easter is almost here again! Trying to get in the spirt!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

For your viewing pleasure...

Nothing. The picture function doesn't seem to be working. I will add some pics later.

Sorry I have been MIA

It's been a crazy week. We have to met with Houston's Neuro. We had 3 speech related things..I think..LOL Then Houston and I caught a lovely stomach flu. Fun fun. So needless to say the sleepover was canceled until next week.

It's not going to be a fun week. Funds are tight due to lots of prescrips and a huge car insurance payment. Not fun. We hope to sell my car and get rid of that monster payment and get me a nice used car. The car is 4 this month ;) and only has something like 35,000 on it. So to say I don't drive it much is an

I haven't got to get on the internet as much because our wireless router broke so I have to sit at the desk and hook it into the modem. Not my cup of tea and not near as easy. So until we get a new Linkis (sp) thing I may be AWOL.

Houston talking has gotten better since I have been home with him, gotta kill the hubby,LOL. He is actually saying a few very funny sentences. He is such a card. He is still kinda hard to understand though.

He is so funny because he will pick up on stuff on commericals like .com and have to sing it out constantly. I guess he loves anything catchy.

I will write more substance later. Hopefully!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry I have been MIA. I have been feeling a wee bit like I have been hit by a train after getting my treatment. I feel like a new woman now though:)

Houston is good. He got approved for speech...yay. They say he will probably not qualify for long but we can hope;) Another gal is coming by the house tomorrow...

Houston was supposed to have his little buddy Loren come and spend the night on Friday. Instead she is coming Tuesday so I will have some good pics I am sure. I have some cute ones from the other day. I will post them in a sec.

Poor hubby has had to work his tush off this weekend. I feel bad for him.

I will write more when Houston Chancey Chance goes down for a nap.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How is it possible ...

That I am way more busy being at home then when I was working...I guess I forgot.

I am waiting on Jeremy to call and let me know when to drop the dog of at the vet. Did I metion I hate living so far out of town. I would never buy this far out again.

The little neighbor girl who turns 7 today is going to spend the night this weekend with Houston. They are buds so they are excited.

I need to get motivated to do something. I didn't sleep good at all last night. The house is semi cleaned. Everything is picked up just a little deep cleaning. I think I will wait until tomorrow morning due to the fact that EI is coming tomorrow at 3:00. If I do it now then Houston will have trashed whatever I do by

I will write more later. I am just feeling a little worn out and am driving all over town running

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well my treatment got canceled.

Due to the bad tornados and junk we are expecting later.

Houston has a dentist appt. for Monday. I hope to hear back from the EI people today too. Keep fingers crossed!

I will write more later.