Friday, September 30, 2011

I am a liar , I admit it.

Okay, I said I was going to not disapper I did. Lie number 1.
I said I was going to keep up with a new blog I started... Lie number 2.

See, I am a chronic liar.

I like to blog. But I feel like my life is a wee bit dull to blog about. I mean I realize treatments, medicines, hospital stays and bills aren't exactly riveting stuff. My blog is like one big sleeping pill. I realize I don't live a super exciting life. ;)

I was ATTEMPTING to start a new blog, because I figured...New blog....but big failure. So here I am again....LOL hey it's to hard to teach a old dog, new tricks.

Lets see recent RIVETING updates ;)

Been okay healthwise....meaning, I am on the right combo of meds, but still have that's news to anyone ;)

Had surgery 2 months ago, went well, my gallbladder was full of stones and had attached itself to my intestine. Sounds super fun and not painful right? Really it was a prettty easy surgery to recover from...hardest part is trying to figure out what foods I can no longer eat. Plus side I have lost about 35 lbs of my almost 50 lbs of predisone weight, yes you read that right....I was a hoss ;)

Divorce wise, still divorced. I haven't ran off and got married or anything. We are still friends which is good for Houston. I am now dating again. Dating a great guy, so my life is pretty happy.

I will update more later, I promise. I like blogging for myself as well, because it's almost like a diary... but hey I am scared of commitment ;)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

I am sorry I have been such a slacker

Life has just been busy. Had surgery last week, so I got some down time on my hands ;) So I thought I would blog.

Houston is about to start school, should be interesting. Looks like they got a great group of kids in his class. It should be a fun year.

We have done lots of fun things this summer like disney world. Houston loved it, 10 days of fun!

On the weekends I don't have Houston, I try and fill with live music and water of some kind, usually the lake ;)

I miss the little booger so much while he is gone.

I will update more later with pictures and stuff just wanted to let you know i was alive ;)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Circus time.

I love the circus, even though I am SCARED to DEATH of clowns, but I love my little dude so much...I bit the bullet and we got front row tickets..WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Here are a couple unedited snapshots. I wanted to enjoy not be obsessing over pics.

We were so close :)

Pics at listed ```

Scary Clowns...I was having heart palpatations.
Houston trying on circus clothes :)
Houston and a VERY NICE, kinda scary clown he was flirting with ;)
Lady on an elephant I feared was going to trample us :P

Soooo very fun. We had performers talking and signing things for us all night. I didn't have that much fun as a child :)

I am going to start blogging again, pinky promise.

Just had a ton on my plate with the divorce and all. We also moved back to where all our family is, I am actually living in an apartment off my parents house, super cool I know.

But it is great because
* I can save money
* I have help when I am sick, which I have been having some issues with.
* Houston gets to see his family often.

Not super cool, but it was the best choice for us.

Houston is doing great in school. He loves it most of the time, and has a girlfriend he is sure he will marry.

Weekends without Houston are hard but I ususally go watch my little brother play or go watch a movie, or just destress.

They are putting the finishing touches on the apartment and as much as I love the parentals, I need a little more "me" space. Excited to decorate it. It's not huge but enough. A huge wall in closet, a bath, kitchen area, living room and two bedrooms. Not fancy fancy but hey, I am so blessed to have parents whoe were willing to help me out with everything from a place to live, to helping with Houston, and just loving on us :)

Lately, I am just working on making me the best I can be. Houston has adjusted as well as can be expected.

I love my little dude !

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am alive just computerless...

I am alive. Just don't have a computer. I have moved and don't have Internet yet. I am in the process of a divorce, don't want to elaborate any more than that, luckily Jeremy and I are able to remain friends during this time. Houston is the priority. We are trying to make the transition as easy as possible for him.

He has done pretty well so far. There have been a few meltdowns and man are they terrible :*(

Just wanted ya'll to know healthwise, I am pretty good,all the new lupus meds are somewhat doing the trick. Had a bad cold, ear infection and upper respitory infection last week, but I am getting better.

I have my parents to help me as well so that helps, and it helps keep their mind of my grandmother's passing :( She will have been gone 2 months on the 17th :(

Been a crappy last couple of months. Keep us in your prayers.

Hope you all have been well.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

*Waves* I am a live

Sorry I have been MIA, I didn't disappear on on purpose. Just spent way more days than I could ever have wanted too, almost 2 weeks in the big house, otherwise known as the hospital, or Brookwood Medical Center.

I had been feeling bad for about a week and then totally stopped tinkling, bp through the roof and swollen like a macy thanksgiving day float. Miserable.

Went and and of course was promptly detained. The first days were filled with lots of pain meds for the bone pain, that was making me want to hack my legs off amoung other things, with a chainsaw.

The first day I was puking my brains out from pain *tmi* but hey,I am being honest.

Then my doctor came to my rescue and the pain pump was a life saver. Literally kept me from wanting to perform surgery on myself.

Had to adust to lots of new meds, never fun and have even more to start after a whole 'nother shebang of testing.

My kidneys are working a little better but still have some issues, they are leaning more towards a lupus flare than anything, as to what started to snowball rolling down the hill.

I finally was pardoned and am still in some pain and still have issues but resting at my mom and dad's. They are closer to the doctor, they have a pool and they can help so it's a win win situation.

Just wanted you to know I was alive and will try and keep up to date on you all's comings and goings!

Missed ya!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

100 random bits part THREE and FOUR

51. I would wear vintage clothing every day if I could.
52. I would also wear a fasicinator in my hair every day, but I may get looks around her.
53. I don't really feel "at home" in Alabama though I have always lived here.
54. I would love to photograph the birth of someone's baby, or even just be in the room.
55. I have a crush on Maks from Dancing with the Stars.
56. I almost want to get plugs in my ears, the smallest gauge but I think people would flip out.
57. My grandmother was an identical twin, and I am married to a twin, have an aunt that was a twin, and they actually even heard two heartbeats when my mom was pregnant with me at first...tons of twins.
58. I love baby names, but don't like anything super common.
59. Jeremy and I had both said prior to even dating that we would have a son named Houston, so it was easy not as easy to come up with a middle name....the other contenders where Houston Champ, Houston Taylor, Houston Ace, Houston Atticus, Houston Jameson and the list goes on.
60. If I had another boy he would be named Atticus or Phoenix.
61. If I had another daughter I love the name Pippa, Penelope, Tallulah, Lucy, Cora,Lola,Elfie, etc. like I said I like "different"
62. I have a great aunt peaches and a great aunt banana...what can I say but there parents didn't speak english well when they named them.
63. I did beauty pageants as a kid, and one some :P The last one I won was Miss Yuletide, at 18....I like to refer to it as Miss Muletide ;)
64. My dream car would be a land rover but considering they cost a small fortune to work on per hour, it probably will never happen.
65. I had almost a perfect 4.0 in college.
66. I hate math.
67. I am not a patient person.
68. I miss having a baby around.
69. I used to love Pizzera chips and wish they still made them.
70. I go to the movies by myself.
71. One of my favorite shoes ever, still was "My So Called Life".
72. I still think Jared Leto is cute ;)
73. I can't drink sunkist or grapico because it reminds me of all the nasty stuff they make me drink in the hospital.
74. I wish I had a cool accent.
75. I wish I had known as a teenager what I know now.
76. I realize now how young I was when I got married, had Houston etc. I was a baby ;)
77. I started dating Jeremy at 18, he had turned 25, wth where my parents thinking ;)
78. I don't have many friends my age, they are ususally about Jeremy's age.
79. The hospital is my second home.
80. Good nurses make ALL the difference.
81. I was in labor with Houston for 3 days and because of an issue with the epidural they pressured me to get I could feel EVERYTHING from the waist down but made me not able to breathe and made my arms have muscle it was natural which I could handle but DIDN'T like not being able to breathe.
82. I don't think Tom Cruise is cute.
83. I wish I was a size 6.
84. I love netflix.
85. I would love to live in London for a while, it will never happen but it would be cool.
86. I would love to visit Greece.
87. I hate the humidity here.
88. I love to read, anything but bodice ripping romance novels.
89. I got in trouble in 2nd grade because I brought a true crime book to school to read in "book time" It was called " A Death in White Bear Lake"
90. I had lost all my teeth by 8.
91. Got my first set of wisdom teeth at 11.
92. I don't care for "trendy" names :O
93. I had a vintage bedroom complete with a plug in sit down hair dryer in high school.
94. J and I were born on the same day of the month and so where my parents, both grandparents I lost died on the same day of the month as well.
95. I am not a good house keeper, I get overwhelmed.
96. I love anything catholic related.
97. My mom got me the coolest vintage Mary and Jesus picture, can't wait to get it and hang it.
98. I have to spell my name daily they get all confused on the last name, and think my first name is Jane or Jada.
99. I was named after Brooke Sheilds in the movie "Endless Love" my parents hated the movie but loved the name.
100. I was almost named lexi ( from ice castles) or scarlett ( gone with the wind) apparently my mom was watching a lot of good with the wind.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

100 random facts --second installment

26. I am so into foreign movies I have a region less dvd player, meaning I can play dvd's from all over the world.

27. I am fairly liberal in a lot of my views.

28. I loved college,the only classes I didn't care for were math. I loved anything science related and loved the history classes.

29. I watched this video yesterday, and think it is hilarious.( Just going to post the link so you don't have to listen to it playing) I love adam lambert but it is so dang funny!

30. Tim James ( a local politician) totally rubs me the wrong way. He is demanding a recount, I hope it stands as it is and he isn't in a run off for the republican ticket.

31. I am not republican nor democrat...I am more of a libertarian.

32. I gained 89 in three months when I was pregnant with Houston, got to love toxemia and GD.

33. Houston was on track to weigh almost 12 lbs if I had went full term.

34. I think Ellen Page is hilarious.

35. I used to want to marry Adam Sandler.

36. I am horrified yet can't look away when any child pageant show comes on.

37. I love cheese dip from a Mexican place...any Mexican place.

38. I don't like fast food but if I had to eat anywhere it would be zoes.

39. I craved zoes chicken salad the whole time I was pregnant with Houston.

40. I love Jane Austen.

41. I have loved No Doubt since literally middle school, even before tragic kingdom.

42. I think tattoos are cool.

43. I had a 2 lb tumor in my chest, around my heart.

44. I grew two sets of wisdom teeth.

45. I hate the dentist!

46. I won a statewide contest about seat belt safety when I was in third grade, you had to come up with a slogan and a picture. Mine included the state of Alabama with a seat belt across it and you can still see it on some signs...all I got was a 100 savings bond.

47. I read Little Women in first grade, the book was as big as I was.

48. I started reading very well at three and still love to read!

49. I have a collection of baby sitter's club books, what can I say they aren't printed anymore and I loved them as a kid, maybe there will be a niece of something I can let read them one day!

50. I have broken more bones than I can count.