Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How is it possible ...

That I am way more busy being at home then when I was working...I guess I forgot.

I am waiting on Jeremy to call and let me know when to drop the dog of at the vet. Did I metion I hate living so far out of town. I would never buy this far out again.

The little neighbor girl who turns 7 today is going to spend the night this weekend with Houston. They are buds so they are excited.

I need to get motivated to do something. I didn't sleep good at all last night. The house is semi cleaned. Everything is picked up just a little deep cleaning. I think I will wait until tomorrow morning due to the fact that EI is coming tomorrow at 3:00. If I do it now then Houston will have trashed whatever I do by

I will write more later. I am just feeling a little worn out and am driving all over town running

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Sara said...

You're making me tired just READING about all the stuff you have going on! LOL
I'll have to remember to not move too far out of town...
Sounds like Houston has some great weekend plans, that lucky guy :)
I know what you mean about cleaning up. I keep trying, but Jake and Emily keep making messes behind me LOL.