Saturday, September 29, 2007

Updates and Eye Candy ;0)

Our little skater boy. Only kid there wearing a helmet. Overprotective much???

All is good on the homefront.

Houston is doing speech "preschool" two days a week. He loves it! He is the youngest one by a year or so but seems to fit in fine. On MWF we have been doing "Homeschool." He is all about it. He loves crafts,stories and flashcards. I did too though so he comes by it honest. We learned about cowboys, the body, and Native Americans this month. I am going to take him to a Native American festival they are having at the burial grounds.....less than a minute down the road. I think he will like it!

This past weekend I watched my friends 3 boys. Managing four little boys was tough but totally fun! I have to say I think Houston was even better behaved than usual because he had constant entertainment. We went roller skating, to Chuck E Cheese and lots of other fun stuff. Houston was suprisingly good on the skates! I will post pics.

The hubby and I were going to to to the AL vs. FSU game but lack of funds nipped that in the bud :P LOL

Sadly, all of Houston's fish died this week. It looks like Hannah Montana passed on an illness to Cory Baxter, Nemo and Thomas....We will have to start all over :( Oh well, we told ds we were flushing them to Nemo's daddy in the ocean :P

Lately, I have been looking like quasimoto. My allergies are in high gear. I can't wait until it cools off. I love the fall.

I will update more later I promise :)

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