Sunday, January 31, 2010

We went to the circus....

I was way sad I didn't take the SLR but I didn't want it nabbed away.

So here are a few from my point and shoot...all right off the camera :)I still managed to take 400 pictures..yes 400

It was soooo fun.

Houston and I think the circus is number 1 :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

We are finally recovering from the Pig Flu

I am sooo dang tired of one of us having it I could scream.

Houston has a couple more days of meds...but has about a week under his belt.

I apparently, am having an allergic reaction to something.

I look all hivey and swollen. Which if you know me because of my immune issues and illnesses isn't that strange but it's different than normal and I can always tell it's a reaction because my throat swells.

Fun times!

We are going a little stir crazy but otherwise hanging in there!

Not much to report because all we have done is play games, read, watch movies and mommy browses the net while the little germ incubator sleeps.

I was supposed to go see my dad get inducted into a hall of fame but because of my reaction and Houston the germ machine I couldn't :( Makes me sad.

I hope they took lots of pictures.

Speaking of pictures I wish it would warm up and we would get well so I could practice with my camera more....I can dream right?

I know nothing interesting to report....this blog is so boring. But hey it makes great reading material if you need to get sleepy ;)

First name Meme

Came across it thought it was interesting!

You can take part if you want to :)

Here's a meme on first names:

Your name? Jade

Your nick name? Jade Marie

Do you like your name? Yes, I guess

If you could change your name what would it be?Lucy, my great grandma's name

Mother's name (can sub father)? Ina

Grandmother's name (can sub grandfather)? Marie and Cora Faith

Children's names? (Delete if you don't have or make a note about future names) Houston Chance

Do they have any nick names? Houston Chancey Chance, Bitty Boy, Big Cheese

Pet's name (current or past) We have had lucy and penny. We have chuppy and crimson now...all dogs...oh and nemo the fish...orginal huh?

Your pet's nick name? You little turd...and it is interchangable ;)

Your best friend's name? I have a couple :)

Nick name for your friend? It depends on the friend

Favourite name for a boy? Atticus

Favourite name for a girl? Penelope

Name of your car? The trashcan on wheels

Favorite Place Name? Houston ;)

Friday, January 29, 2010

I am not THAT mom.....

I am a self depricating kinda gal so this is right up my alley.

Tabitha at, had a great idea, and what can I say she inspired me.

I am not that mom who lets her son play in the bath water for 30 minutes. I certainly am not the mother who adds more hot water, so he can play longer.

That mother would be major slacker.

I am not that mom whose son can spell Thomas the Train better than his own name.

That mother needs to work on his name.

I am not that mom who takes so many pics of her son, that he is soooo fed up that he just gives this whole stop torturing me and leave me alone smile.

That mom needs to get a life!

I am not the mom who let her son eat pancakes yesterday for lunch, because he was sick.

That mom needs to make sure her kid has a veggie...

I am not that mom who almost forgot to comb her kids hair before they left the house.

That mom needs to get cracking.

I am not the mom that needs to wash her son's heavy North Face jacket. So the jacket has a nice yellow spot on the back.

That mother needs to throw the dang thing in the wash!

I am not that mom whose car resembles a trash can on wheels.

That mom needs to pay someone to clean it ;)

Fashion misses

This isn't for me because I look's for my poor mother...holy heck at the hair.

I look like a long lost Duggar and don't look happy. This was the last year I had to suffer through an Easter dress that I didn't choose.

This was during the whole flannel phase. I was channeling my inner Angela, thinking a Jordan Catalano would come my way.

In my defense I wasn't able to dress myself yet.
There are no words for this sweater.

I need to get the may butt in gear.

I NEED to go to the pharmacy, but the only pharmacy that had the med I needed was Walmart which is always mad house, and I still have Mr. Swine Flu with me.

I could cry even thinking about it.

Seriously, I am about to shed a little tear.

Houston does seem to be feeling a little better, but whiny and more clingy than normal.

A total stage 5 clinger.

Mommy loves him but could use a break.

My look :)

I totally stole this idea from Kelly @ .

I love anything vintage.

Anything from I love :) I also LOVE topshop, but it can be pricey. Target isn't bad as they have lots of vintage looking stuff.

My main signature would be vintage looking accessories.

Here are some of my favorites :) that I wear often.

I obviously love green....I get most of my handmade stuff from Etsy. Love <3

I think accessories can make a boring outfit special.

Living in rural Alabama I get some looks especially if I happen to have purple hair or something at the time ;)

Typical outfit is it bad I could use it as part of a costume?

Oversize jewerly.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

On my mind

It just hit me the other day that this was the week my little girl died 2 years ago.

I never got to met her. I never got to know her.

The only special times I had with her was when she was in my belly. Her only Christmas, her only snow.

It has been easier this year than last, but it is still hard. And everytime people ask how many kids you have you still want to say. I had a daughter, even if for just a little while.

My other miscarriges make me sad, but losing her really makes my heart hurt.

Houston talks about sisters and brothers all the time, and I know he would have made a great brother.

I wish I had more to remember her by, more to make her real. I basically just have pieces of paper like this, or pieces of paper with scary words.

Basically, an autospy report, except she never lived. But she did, inside of me :) And I love her all the same. As much as Houston , just in a different way.

Houston slays me....

Some jewels from today....just so I remember.

He told me ...."Mommy do you know sea turtles lay eggs"

I told him yes.

He then said " They just go flying out their butts " :O

Not quite son, not quite.

He has also given us the whole low down on Dino's which they are learning about at school.

He has a few of the details wrong. But it is cute none the less.

He tells us he is going to be a "Paydeyacktology" which is Paleontologist ;)

He can also type words on the computer. They are also learning to read on the computer in preschool. All I can say is we need really go parental locks on the computer...he makes some mistakes that could end bad :P


In my wildest dreams!If money were no object.

Living room


Nursery if I ever needed one.


Media room/reading nook


Houston's room ;)

Family room


my bedroom :)


The house

Please show me your dream house, oh and I totally stole this idea from Megan, over at !

I love the new blog :)

Is it easier for you to read. It is for me!? I may actually post more now ;)

So cute :)

Love it.

It isn't so pinched in.

We are all on the upswing...I think. I hope so.

For my sanity.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another piggie in the casa....

Yep, another family member has succumed.

Houston has the flu.

The school called and said he was being quiet so they knew something was wrong ;)

They took his temp...101.

Took him to the doc where he told them "his brain" and "his heart" hurt. Then began the most pitiful please help me momma cry saying his feet and knees where hurting.

We then had to hold him down and try not to break a cute little arm to test for the flu.

So needless to say...he is taking tamiflu,cough stuff, antibotics,and lots of things to keep his fever down. I pray he doesn't get into full on seizure is always much worse when he has a fever.

We go back on Friday, so I guess I'll see what they say....

Hola Friends

Some of this may be TMI so if you are weak stomached then you may just want to skip all this nastiness....LOL

OMG,I have been perimenpausal for the last couple years...which basically means very few periods, but when I do it is TERRIBLE. (I can't believe I am posting this:P )

Well I guess I hit the lottery, because I am actually having a visit from Aunt Flo and I want to perform a homemade hysterectomy,with a BUTTER-KNIFE. Seriously, I wish my girlie parts would either work or just dry up. Did you know that perimenpause can go on for 10 years!!!!!!! I could cry.At this point I am a little jealous that my mom had a hysterectomy at my age (28).

Okay, enough of all that. And if you see me in real life, just pretend you didn't read all that ;)

I have been a little yuck lately.This time of year stinks for me healthwise. I can not wait for spring :P

I am sorry I have been slacking on the pics lately. It has been sooo cold for her. Which isn't super cold, but we aren't prepared clothes wise and I have been sick so not a lot of picture taking.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not much to write about...

Not a whole lot has been blog worthy over the last week or so.

Just same ol' same ol'.

I want to practice more with my camera but the weather has been bad, and I have been sick. Story of my life.

I had a wonderful time at GNO on Friday. I have the best friends <3. But I think we all think that...LOL

I meant to take my camera but of course I forgot.

I will post a real blog post tomorrow, I promise.

Not that anyone cares ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am in love...with a pair of pj's :)

A friend of mine went to the "Oprah" show a few months back. She was given some lovely Cosabella pajamas.

She realized that they were so long that even hemming wouldn't help, and she selflessly passed them in my direction. Seeing how they retail for about $260 dollars, it was extra nice.

I got these babies in radish, which is a beautiful pink :)

The top and the pants are on the previous page.

They are made from:

- Skin-friendly and Eco-friendly 100% natural bamboo fiber.
- Non-transparent ultra-soft, breathable and cool.
- Criss-cross v-neck with elastic sheering at the waist.
- Super fine 44-gauge knit for superior lightness and resistance.
- Antistatic & moisture absorptive, up to four times greater than cotton.
- Antibacterial & odor preventative mineral content in fibers.
- Made in Italy.
- Fabric content: 75% Bamboo, 25% Micromodal

Which basically means they are so comfy it feels like you aren't wearing anything.

I love love love love these bad boys. Seriously, the best pj's ever!

Makes getting my treatment not such a bad thing anymore :)love

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bloggy friends help me out

I know a lot of you love to take help a girl out. I am very type A I don't like to not do stuff right the first time.

I know there is a learning curve.

I have tried to start off shooting manual. Some are great, some are crap. Some are blue as heck, which I would think would mean, I need to adjust the white balance.

I went outside with Houston today and took a few pics close to sunset, I had the ISO set at 800 I think. I had the f stop at like 5...I am so clueless as when to use what. I got a magic lantern guide and the dang thing tells me nothing for my camera. It did come with a dvd I need to watch.

The camera takes beautiful pics on automatic so it is TOTALLY user error.

Help a girl out...what ISO do you use the most, can you help me out with white balance,f-stop etc.

I know there are no "generic" answers but anything would help.

I have two lenses...

The Kit lense 18-55mm and a 55-200mm f/4-5.6 .

Any pointers :P

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My son already needs to shave ;)

Not realizing mommy is watching

This is what happens when you live a little boy in a room with a dry erase marker writing his letters while you take dinner out of the oven.

He said it was no biggie because it would erase off...duh??!

I have to say....

That I have enjoyed having the wild child home from preschool during Christmas break.

We have played the Wii, games, his train table,and about every other toy he owns but I love it :)

He is a PISTOL. But is freaking funny. I laugh daily at something he he has said....

Yesterday he told his daddy some jewels. The best being when :

He told Jeremy.."Daddy, your hair looks so difficult I don't like it." ---He meant different ;)

He holds no prisoner ;)

I will miss him when I don't have him here with me everyday. But I think my body will thank me. It isn't easy to do the treatments and stuff when he is being them no to stick me or asking to help me ;)

Uh, NO thanks.

The nurse last time actually was going to let him push some blood thinner...UGH no the dang thing is in my chest, I will PASS. Was she nuts? I think so ;)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Oh and not that ANY ONE cares but I will have a regular blog post tomorrow...

Not my own personal walk down memory lane ;)

It's like a virtual photo album. :)

I can't believe I have a little boy who is reading stuff and not a baby anymore!

Aw look how much he has grown between some of his EEG's

Forgot I had these :(

Makes me sad, but you can tell how fast time flies.

The first one was his 3 yr old one, don't have one from last year :(

The second pic was his first one. He was one :) He had a bad bruise on his little head from having a seizure and hitting his noggin' that was by far on of the worst ones....another bad one when he chipped his teeth.

Sooooo glad they are more under control now.

Sorry I am going down memory lane...I found soooo many cd's of old pics so I am having fun...and knowing I have been married 7 years, been with my husband 10 years has made me :O think man I am OLD. HEHEHEHE

Holy snap

Can't believe that we have J and I have been married for 7 years and have dated almost 10 years.

Time freaking flies! Decided to get some of the oldies of the bad hard I could be way sad...LMAO

First last two I was a little bit pregnant :)

The first two I had gained around 50 lbs! Holy Crap!

That was 6 years AGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Where does time go and where go?

Baby Houston :(
Standing at Nana's.

Here we are at Houston's fifth bday :( I remember
when we were having his first!

Hello predisone face :P

Wish it would go back to normal :P


This pic cracks me mom cut my hair in my garage with craft scissors...REDNECK much....what can I say Houston was 3 and I need something easy..LOL

And when did Houston go from this to this :( Man, I feel weepy :*(