Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I want to bang my head against a wall.

Man, today sucked eggs. I had to met with Houston's preschool. He makes the cut off by one day and I am getting pressure to let him go to Kindy. I think it is a BAD idea especially with his Autism. We shall may get ugly:(

I was there about 2 hours and we got nothing done really so we will have another IEP meeting...this is pure h*ll for a control freak like me....**sigh**

Oh well, keep you posted :P Not that anyone even reads this dang thing:P


Ariana said...

Man, I would be really frustrated, too! I don't like not getting anywhere. I need answers!! lol

That picture of him is super cute. He is just totally adorable. Really.

Tabitha said...

I don't think they can make you send him to "big school" kindergarten if you want to hold him back in preschool. We had a little girl at the daycare just last year that stayed back. She went to big school for two weeks and emotionally and socially she was NOT ready. So they called and asked if we could take her back and let her repeat her pre-K and she did and is doing just fine in school this year.

I'll be praying for you. Mommy knows best!!!

Heather Morozov said...

Jade, I think as the mom, you still have the right to hold him back. Val does not have autism, but with his fun Sept birthday, we are keeping him back. He will do another year of preK and then go to K next year. I say, stick to your guns if that is what you feel is right. I have had several friends who are elementary teachers advise me to keep him back even though he would probably be fine...mostly for boys and maturity reasons. Good luck! Stick to your gut on this one! Houston is just SO adorable by the way :)

Melissa said...

If you want to wait for your son to start kindergarten the decision is yours not the school. I wish we would have waited to start my son, but I chose to put him through. He struggled a great deal in the beginning.
Do what you feel is right for your son. You know him the best.
Good luck!!