Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For today... 15th

Outside my window... It is a chilly, brisk is sunny though

I am thinking... about all the things I have to do. I need to go to the dry cleaners,clean, lunch, etc.

Houston is......about to get a bath, taking him to subway, right now he is buliding with blocks while I check my email....and we are waiting on the tub to fill.

Thankful for... my family. The hubby suprised me last night with my fav yankee candle, a beautiful card and a beautiful engraved silver box and new rosary :)

For super.....No idea...I may not cook. I have ton of left over from last night...Grilled chicken, rice, and beans. I have a late night at church.

I am wearing... Shorts, a t-shirt and flips...about to put on black capris, black and white shirt

I am reading... A ton of books!

I am watching....nothing...I hear something on in the other room.

I am praying... for tons of friends and family

Around the house...I need to mop, do a few dishes and fold clothes

One of my favorite friends and family.

I dread...having to run to pay the water,go by the library, and have to pay insurance.

I renew my license :O

I hate........the feeling of dry dirt on my hands...LOL

I wish....I could be healthy

I get a move on :P

Favorite there such a thing???

Least favorite chore....probably washing dishes...I don't trust my dishwasher :P OCD anyone?

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~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

I cannot you can see....LOL...the problem is they are "real" words so spell check misses them :P UGH.