Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Deep thoughts by Houston Chance

Dictated and copied exactly by Mommy:

UfO's fly. They crash.They crash in Roswell. Armed inforcers came.His name started with a T...or an H like me.They crashed into Roswell. I saw Phoenix lights.They were flying over Arizona. We saw it.It had 8 circles. It was a triangle shaped alien.The aliens crashed, we saw them. They turned around...and saw Betty Cash.She saw them aliens and then had to go the hospital.She was got her DNA by the aliens.Aliens got different DNA.

It burned her. Then there was a tornado of aliens. They could fly.It went over the back of Arizona. It was a an object. It flied over evil. They was good people.

Armed inforcers saw an object in a space field.They heard backwards talking. They said that couldn't be an air ballon. I know it. An air ballon is dark.We said why did aliens crashed.The armed inforcers didn't know.They didn't know what the object was.

They said "Uh, oh." Aircrafts started falling.It got dark in the sky.It disappeared. We saw burning.It was nonesense.It was a bunch of aliens in a circle. So they could see better. They saw an object from our side. It was crashing.

Another thing was snow was flying in that sky. Why that? Roswell, Mexico..armed inforcers detect and saw an object.They never seen them again.Anymore.They saw some objects.It looked like bouncing things that they could control.

Betty Cash saw an object in the air.They was flying.They looked like they were bouncing and crashed. It got so loud. It startied getting so loud.They were flying in the sky and then crashed in Roswell on the ground.

I know it crashed.It's not a owl.It's not a big foot.Why those monsters run like this.They run and run and run.The monster got on the house.She screamed then go home.

I saw bouncy things crash. I crashed in Roswell.It was an explosion.What am I talking about? Where is our keys?I have them here.


Butterflies live in acoons.Butterflies used to caterpillars.

I love you. (Aw...!!)

They fly.Octupus don't have wings. Butterflies do.

Bees have stingers.They yellow and black.

Butterflies are black and yellow too.


Stacey said...

I thought I was the only one who had a 4 year old who thought about things like this!

I love the things they come up with :)

Ariana said...

That is sooo cute! I love that you wrote it down word for word.
I was laughing at the end so much my husband came to see what was so funny!