Monday, April 13, 2009

Chuck E. Bob's eyes freak me out and Tales from the Communion line

An Easter recap :)

We will start with Saturday. Saturday morning I had to be at church to practice for the Easter Vigil that night. I get up and leave Houston with Jeremy. Practice goes well.

I come home and hubby is acting a little sheepish. I notice his hair is shorter.
I think worst case scernio I will have to help him even out the back or something. He turns to the side and I am speechless. He has a half dollar size area where you can see his scalp :O He then asks me if I can fix it. After, I get my wits about me, I assure him even though I used to work as a Receptionist in a salon, I can not fix it. He puts on his hat like a trooper and we head out for the day. We want to make sure we take Houston to see the Easter Bunny, who Houston informs everyone is named "Chuck E. Bob" Okey Dokey....whatever you say.

So we get there and wait in line FOREVER. Houston is smiling and calling out "Chuck E. Bob, I love you!" He is also giving a way cute wave.

We think that last year was a thing of the past....he is going to love him this year.
Well, we get almost to the front and one of the helpers says they were out of something and takes off running to get something, stating that they were out of whatever. She runs down the ramp and is almost to where she needs to be when it happens...She face plants on the floor. Everyone is silent. You heard gasps and then silence. She was a trooper though. She is up in a blink of and eye and screams out "I am ok" and then runs to where she needs to go. The other helper being so startled has spilt her drink everywhere....yeah.

So anyway, we get up there and Houston is starting to have "that" look on his face. He is panicking. So anyway we are there and Jeremy is walking Houston up to the bunny. I have my camera ready so I can have more than one pic and Houston loses it.
He gets stiff as a board when Jeremy tries to put him in the bunny's lap. He says" No, get me away from Chuck E. Bob. I can't see his eyes...he is freaking me out!" Then wrangles lose and is crawling toward me on his hands and knees while moaning....Then he gets to me and starts to tear up and tells the bunny. "I no love you Chuck E. Bob."

We get over to the side...he gathers himself...and tells the bunny that he does love him and he was sorry.

So we leave and head to the hair place. Houston and I are in the front of the salon, hubby goes to the back. They start to cut the hubby's hair. Houston says " Oh, no what is her doing to mine daddy's hair!" She is not cutting it so well!" "She doesn't know what her is doing." "She is cutting off all his nice hair" I took this as a time to tell Houston not to play with scissors......LOL

Hubby finishes up. Houston keeps asking him " Are you will be okay." LOL

So we get home and play for a little while. I then start to worry about something that they had said earlier at practice..."Whatever you do, don't drop the Chalice." Considering the chalice has Christ's blood in it, I start to freak out!

So anyway, we get there...and my bladder is filling all the stress of the worrying and I pee about 900 times. We file in for the mass which is going to last for over 2 hours and we are on the front row of our hug church. We begin and it hits me hard. I am about to pee in my pants. Oh my, I then internally freak out. I know I can't hold it. I then decide I have to tell my sponsor. I end up sneaking out of the totally dark church and sneaking back in. Crisis averted. So then the people being baptized have to kneel on the alter. It is made of marble. We had to kneel for about 5-10 minutes which doesn't sound like a long time...but it is. Long enough for your legs to start to twitch and your leg to fall asleep.

I made it up....LOL We make it to the font. I am baptized...We do all the other stuff. It goes well.

It time for communion. I don't drop the chalice. All that worrying for nothing.I was the first person to go. The line was forever. The ran of wine before the last guy gets there...he says "You are out of wine, crack open another bottle" Nice dude...not quite the time or the place.

We have reception afterwords. I get home at almost 12. Jeremy has been with Houston from about 6- midnight. Jeremy got a taste of the Big Cheese first hand. He had to go out to the garage to get something. Came in and Houston was trying to remove Nemo from his tank...he had poured all his food in and was worried about him being in the dirty water:P Jeremy had to empty the tank and refill it.

Anyway, we woke up the next morning and Jeremy didn't feel good so Houston and I made the choice to head out by ourselves. We had made the rounds and visited the families. It was very fun.

Easter was wonderful! I am sorry it is over :*( It is probably my favorite Holiday.

I am going to close with some pics...

Me at the font.

Houston giving me....the " I can't believe I am related to you ....look"

Our pretty church :)

Houston's goodies at our house. He got a TONNNNNN at all the family stuff.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your day. Too funny.
When I get the energy I'll be posting about my day. I can't say it was nearly as funny as yours sounded at times, but it was a long one. I'm still recovering!
Happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!