Monday, April 06, 2009

Ball games and Blue Angels....

We had a big weekend was busy busy busy.

On Friday Houston had tball practice. It was the longest hour of my life:P Then we had to go get cleats. It was such the production. I need a 13.5 wide. Yeah, IMPOSSIBLE to find. He feet were too wide for the baseball cleats so we had to go with the soccer cleats. Oh well.

Anyway, so Houston had a friend spend the night on Friday to. I thought it would mellow him out. No such luck :P

The next day we had the opening day for Tball and Tball pictures..I will have to share the pics when we get them. They will be interesting for sure:P Yeah.

On to the game...he is by no means the MVP. We count it a success if he will stand where he is supposed to for most of the inning.

So after the two innning game that felt like it was 10 hours long and was beyond funny to watch, we went to the an airshow. The Blue Angels came to town. It was soooooo packed. Houston had a ton of fun. He loves that kind of thing. It is right up his alley.

We were so tired when we got done. Pooped.

We watched some stuff on tv as a family. We love the educational stuff.

Then yesterday I had a Palm Sunday retreat. I have such a busy week with church this next week. I have to be there onTuesday, Thursday, Friday and twice on Saturaday and then Sunday. I may just sleep there :) LOL The only bad thing is no childcare on Thursday and Friday night.Oh well.

Anyway, after Saturday I can take communion. Yay, me. It will be weird after all this tiime to be able to take it and not just get a blessing.

The weather outstide is's sooooo windy. It feels like fall. I am worried and waiting until the last minute to get Easter clothes...I hate not knowing whether to go with cool weather or warm weather clothes.

Also can I rant for a second. Why, is it sooooooo HARD to find Sunday dresses that aren't sleeveless or strapless. It is the bane of my existence. Seriously. I hate that there are literally two choices in a whole store that have sleeves.

I will write more later...sorry for the rambling..LOL

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