Saturday, January 30, 2010

We are finally recovering from the Pig Flu

I am sooo dang tired of one of us having it I could scream.

Houston has a couple more days of meds...but has about a week under his belt.

I apparently, am having an allergic reaction to something.

I look all hivey and swollen. Which if you know me because of my immune issues and illnesses isn't that strange but it's different than normal and I can always tell it's a reaction because my throat swells.

Fun times!

We are going a little stir crazy but otherwise hanging in there!

Not much to report because all we have done is play games, read, watch movies and mommy browses the net while the little germ incubator sleeps.

I was supposed to go see my dad get inducted into a hall of fame but because of my reaction and Houston the germ machine I couldn't :( Makes me sad.

I hope they took lots of pictures.

Speaking of pictures I wish it would warm up and we would get well so I could practice with my camera more....I can dream right?

I know nothing interesting to report....this blog is so boring. But hey it makes great reading material if you need to get sleepy ;)

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