Friday, January 29, 2010

I am not THAT mom.....

I am a self depricating kinda gal so this is right up my alley.

Tabitha at, had a great idea, and what can I say she inspired me.

I am not that mom who lets her son play in the bath water for 30 minutes. I certainly am not the mother who adds more hot water, so he can play longer.

That mother would be major slacker.

I am not that mom whose son can spell Thomas the Train better than his own name.

That mother needs to work on his name.

I am not that mom who takes so many pics of her son, that he is soooo fed up that he just gives this whole stop torturing me and leave me alone smile.

That mom needs to get a life!

I am not the mom who let her son eat pancakes yesterday for lunch, because he was sick.

That mom needs to make sure her kid has a veggie...

I am not that mom who almost forgot to comb her kids hair before they left the house.

That mom needs to get cracking.

I am not the mom that needs to wash her son's heavy North Face jacket. So the jacket has a nice yellow spot on the back.

That mother needs to throw the dang thing in the wash!

I am not that mom whose car resembles a trash can on wheels.

That mom needs to pay someone to clean it ;)

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dana said...

hey you!!! your blog is looking great!!! and houston is as adorable as ever!!! hope you're doing well!