Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am in love...with a pair of pj's :)

A friend of mine went to the "Oprah" show a few months back. She was given some lovely Cosabella pajamas.

She realized that they were so long that even hemming wouldn't help, and she selflessly passed them in my direction. Seeing how they retail for about $260 dollars, it was extra nice.

I got these babies in radish, which is a beautiful pink :)

The top and the pants are on the previous page.

They are made from:

- Skin-friendly and Eco-friendly 100% natural bamboo fiber.
- Non-transparent ultra-soft, breathable and cool.
- Criss-cross v-neck with elastic sheering at the waist.
- Super fine 44-gauge knit for superior lightness and resistance.
- Antistatic & moisture absorptive, up to four times greater than cotton.
- Antibacterial & odor preventative mineral content in fibers.
- Made in Italy.
- Fabric content: 75% Bamboo, 25% Micromodal

Which basically means they are so comfy it feels like you aren't wearing anything.

I love love love love these bad boys. Seriously, the best pj's ever!

Makes getting my treatment not such a bad thing anymore :)love


Brandy said...

Wow!!! Those sound awesome! How nice of your friend to pass them on to you. I cannot imagine spending $260 for a pair of pajamas though! I'd have to wear them to the grocery store (gasp the peas would be horrified) and to the school...everywhere to justify the cost!! LOL

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

Me either but my god they are soooo comfy and really cute as wel.

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