Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hola Friends

Some of this may be TMI so if you are weak stomached then you may just want to skip all this nastiness....LOL

OMG,I have been perimenpausal for the last couple years...which basically means very few periods, but when I do it is TERRIBLE. (I can't believe I am posting this:P )

Well I guess I hit the lottery, because I am actually having a visit from Aunt Flo and I want to perform a homemade hysterectomy,with a BUTTER-KNIFE. Seriously, I wish my girlie parts would either work or just dry up. Did you know that perimenpause can go on for 10 years!!!!!!! I could cry.At this point I am a little jealous that my mom had a hysterectomy at my age (28).

Okay, enough of all that. And if you see me in real life, just pretend you didn't read all that ;)

I have been a little yuck lately.This time of year stinks for me healthwise. I can not wait for spring :P

I am sorry I have been slacking on the pics lately. It has been sooo cold for her. Which isn't super cold, but we aren't prepared clothes wise and I have been sick so not a lot of picture taking.

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