Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Decking the Halls...

We finally got the tree up last night :)

I was dreading the whole process but I didn't drag out all the extras and I am loving it now.

I just can't believe Christmas is almost here again, my birthday is this WEEK. When did that happen?

Houston is soooo stinking excited about Christmas, it cracks me up.

Got all the presents wrapped, which is a load I can just enjoy :)

What are your plans for Xmas? Do you have a busy Christmas season?

I sure do!

I am already sooooo freaking tired of retreiving ornaments from Houston,getting on to him for messing with the train etc. Sheesh


Ariana said...

I haven't put my tree up yet but you talking about Houston pulling the ornaments off and getting into everything scares me. Payson is my destructive kid and I've been wondering how he'll react to a Christmas tree. Sounds like it's not going to be pleasant.

Your Christmas tree is so pretty. Good picture of it all lit up, too. I never seem to take nice Christmas tree pictures.

And Happy upcoming Birthday! How have you felt having your birthday so close to Christmas?

jaderade-House of Big Cheese said...

I always get crappy pics because i have a crappy camera ;) I can never get the settings right and it looks even worse on auto.

Yeah, Houston just keeps grabbing them off trying to play wih them.

When he was payson age we had a gate around it and it was up higher and was a smaller tree.

I don't do themey's all my special ornaments..I love it :)

Everyone in my family has someone who has a bday the next day I hated not having someone to share

I also would get the joint gifts which I hated.

Now, I kinda like it :)