Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Taking it easy....

We have been taking to easy for the last couple of days. Some of it is was still have the "Christmas Hangover" to some extent I think . You know what I am talking about the weariness from the traveling, the panic and frustration trying to figure out where all those new gifts are actually going to go. That one.

Well we have pretty much recovered from that....pretty much. Last night Houston started running a fever and I was like **crap** because I have been sick and hacking a lung up for about the last two weeks, which has involved tons of drugs, trips for IV antibotics the works. Well I gave Houston meds and even though he has had the fever today for the most part he is acting fine, 100% I am not sure what it is...maybe it is viral??Who knows.

Anyway, we kept him contained today because we weren't sure how contagious he was. So we watched lots of tv, played with new toys and of course the Wii. Houston is still not the expert. He is the best on the sking. Too bad we live in the land of no snow. Stinks to be him! LOL

I really like the hula hooping. I am pretty good and on the plus side it is a major calolrie burner. There is nothing like watching your Wii Fit model plump up before your very eyes. Not good. Hopefully it will make me a little less of as Houston calls me a "large mama" I would love to say goodbye to the size 12's and hello to like a 6 :) I can dream ;)


Meg said...

hope ya'll feel better!

Brandy said...

Hope you guys feel better soon!

When we first started up the Wii Fit and I plumped up, Natey told me I was shaped like a donut!! LOLOLOL I'm still donut shaped but not quite as much as before!! :P