Thursday, December 10, 2009

That was a close one.....

Well first off, I think I jinxd myself yesterday,because I woke up today...sick.

Yuck. My throat is killing me and I look like I have been punched in the neck.

I may have to stay on th higher doses of antibotics just as my maintence dose ( meaning the doses of antibotics I take everyday.)

Anyway, today I get a phone call and it's my infusion company that does my home infusions etc. and she was calling to tell me that the nurse I have had for the last year or so was no longer with the one company and they were going to have to see if they could contract her out.

I began to takes a while to find someone you don't mind having up in your house or your business for hours a day sometimes multiple days a week.

I had a nurse who I loved but with her shecdule and her kids she couldn't drive the 1.5 it took to get here any more. I tried out a few more nurses and it didn't click.

It is kinda like dating :) I mean shoot she gets to go to second base on the first date ;0) Well then I found one I liked and was getting panicking and sad thinking I would have to "date" again.

Then they called me back and said she would still be able to do my infusions...whew close call ;)

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