Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hope everyone had a "Holly Jolly Christmas"

We had a great Christmas for the most part.

First my parents came to our house to swap gifts :)

Second, we had my mother's Christmas get together.It is her siblings and step siblings and their children. It's always fun.

This year Houston wasn't the only great grandchild. Sadie is here :) They already love each other.

We went home and waited for Santa.

He came and left some notes for Houston :)

Houston played for a while then we went to Mammaw's House to open gifts :)Wouldn't you know he racked up there as well ;)He is the only great grandchild ;)

He got lots of presents too :)

He got a obscene amount of Thomas the Train stuff:) He was a happy camper.

Then the next day we drove back up to see family and had Christmas at Jeremy's parents house.

He had fun because he has 3 cousins there...they are all boys :)

Daddy had fun playing with his twin brother, Uncle Rodney, even if it did involve a muzzle at one point...LOL

I would love to see pics from your special day :)

It was kind of bittersweet that my grandad wasn't here with us but his grave stone had came in on the 23rd so we enjoyed getting to see that. It is exactly what he wanted and it is beautiful.

From a gift stand point we racked up :)

I think one of Houston's favorite gifts is his train table that my parents got him. Of course crafty Meme had to "bedazzle" it :)

The only gift Houston didn't like was the Frosty the Snowman Dvd set I got him, He was a little freaked out by it...and we aren't sure why..LOL


Brandy said...

Houston is SUCH a cutie!! Looks like he scored big time from Santa and the family!! :) When my ds was about that age, he got a train table! He doesn't play with the trains much anymore but it also doubles as a Lego table and it's in his room and he plays with it daily!! :)

Meg said...

He is too cute! Lovin the train stuff!