Monday, December 28, 2009

We love our Wii

We aren't big video game people...we have an Xbox 360 that has been played like twice. We use it for Netflix..which we <3...nothing compares ;)

Anyway, we decided to get Houston a Wii this year, and he loves it. We do too :) We resisted for quite a while but I am glad we got him one :)

It is a gift we can all enjoy. We put it in the study/office so we could play with it as a family but so we could also make sure Houston was only on it when we were supervising him :)

So far mommy likes bowling, daddy likes baseball and Houston likes Mario Kart :)

I got the Wii Fit Plus that Jeremy got me that I am dying to try out though I dread seeing my weight up there on the

Another wonderful gift I got is my mom got me a player than plays British DVD's and what can I say it was love at first site.

I have so many little doodads to play with this year, it makes being sick for the 900th time a wee bit easier. At least, I have plenty to do :)

So what where some of your favorite gifts this year...?? What was a hit for your kiddos???And more importantly what was a miss???

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