Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I am alive and well...well on out of two ain't bad ;)

I am sorry I haven't been a good blogger. This time of year is literally hell for my system.

I feel like they don't even need to disconnect me from my freaking port is sore as heck from being used so much...when my bra strap runs across it...I shudder :P

I hate having to have it used so much because they only have a limited life....wonder what they look like??

They are implanted under the skin, mine is on my right side, on my upper is right above my breast.

They access it by using on of these needles. You can't use regular needles...

The needles aren't sharp they are super dull, so it feels like a paper clip is being shoved thru...not fun. I still hate hate hate hate it and have to fight the urge to slap my nurse...LOL

Anyway, you can see why I wouldn't want to have to get the bad boy replaced...but it is becoming obvious it is going to happen soon :P Which sucks. Wish they would last longer.

What can I do....anyway, off to do more Internet Christmas's not quite the same but it's fun and as I am not wanting to get sicker or where a Micheal Jackson mask it'll do :)


Ellie said...

your website is a little weird on the incoming, but it gets better, don't worry. A blog is all about what people see first. Can you check out mine (the schaub family) at Thanx!

Ellie said...

I meant to saya blog not website sorry!.