Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I was going to take my son to the library but the car wouldn't start :P

So I will post a blog post if it kills me.

Lets see. I have feel behind because I have been bumming a computer for forever......I just couldn't justify spendning dough on getting the motherboard fixed. I still want to at some point though to get my pics but oh well.

Well imagine my suprise at Christmas when my wonderful brothers got me a little mini white acer aspire. I love love love it. It is the perfect size.

I was so pumped to take it around town with me today and low and behold my car wouldn't start. Hopefully, it is just the battery.

Cross your fingers:)

Okay, lets see on the 4th the hubby and I had our one year anniversary..we celebrated by watching Hanocock on We are so excitiing.

We have went through a lot in the 6 years we have been married. It was never in the plans to have major life altering surgery in the first few months of marriage :P


Anyway, her is a wedding pic...these were days before digi pics so bear with me.

In other news still fighting off the sickies. I have been fighting the same infections for months....not fun. Going to the doc tomorrow and my treatment is the next hopefully, I will feel better soon :)

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