Monday, January 19, 2009

27 things that make me the crazy lady I am.

Tell an interesting fact for every year of your life.

1. I don't have a dominant hand.
2. I have never watched an episode of DHW or GA.
3. I am a sucker for reality shows that are about people very different from The Duggers,Jon and Kate,etc. I guess I feel like I am living through them:P
4. My favorite color is lime green.
5. I love my new little computer my brothers got me.
6. I just went trough the Rite of Welcoming this past Sunday at Chruch.
7. I love the beach.
8. I also love the cold :)
9. I love to travel.
10.My favorite food is a Chicken Salad sandwich from Zoes.
11. I also love me some Chinese food:)
12. My favorite snack is chips and cheese dip.
13. My favorite type of book is usually historical fiction. Right now I am into books that are about the west in the from like 180-1890.
14. I am also a tudor history buff. Love it!
15. I thought the Twilight books would be a total waste of time. I was totally wrong. I love them. I also liked the movie!
16. I love to scrapbook. I was pumped when I got like 200 worth of creative memories stuff....albums, pages etc for $3 at the thrift store...! Good deal for me. I think a consultant must have been purging the old size.
17. My one want item besides a tummy tuck would have to be a Nikon D80. **sigh**
18. I am addicted to Gymboree for Houston's clothes. I only buy on sale or with Gymbo though. Also, get a lot from consignment stores. I have gotten probably $1500 worth of stuff for about $300.
19. I love british magazines. It is a guilty pleasure.
20. I love a hot bath, with some good smelling bubble bath.
21.My favorie bath and body works scent is Country Apple and about the only place you can find it is ebay :P It was the first scent I ever bought back when I was in like 7 grade.
22. My fav CD at the moment is "The Veronicas"
23. I wish I could lose about 25 lbs and be able to wear cuter stuff :P
24. I really want blunt bangs but think they would look horrible. I want them though.
25. I would love a tat on my foot.
26. I wish I had more money and time to redecorate some stuff in the house...most of what we have is from when we got married 6 years ago :P
27. I wear a size 10 narrow shoe...hard to find...

and because I turn 28 this year.....

28. I have broken 3 bones this year :P

Now tell me about you!

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Mary said...

You are so not a crazy lady! I gonna write some of this info down for a later time :)

Here's to 2009... The year of intact bones and maybe a Nikon d80 :)