Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Houston funnies...

Houston is brutually honest.

On my birthday this year, he asked my age. Then looked so serious and asked what happened. I asked what he meant....he replied " You got so fat and look like a teacher."

Okay, what does look like a teacher mean in his eyes?? I have no idea.

He then told the hubby a few days later that he was getting a fat butt :O Ego Check...LOL

People were asking him at Christmas what Santa was bringing them...he told my little sister....."New Teeth" :*( She is about to get braces. I felt bad...she laughed it off.

He told my cousin Justin with his crazy lebanese curls he needed.....a "Comb".

Yeah, fun times.

He is so innocent in everything he says can be cute.

Last night he went on and on and said he wanted to watch the bouncey show...we had no idea what he was talking about...he then told us..." You know the USO show...they crashed and bounced...LOL

We will put him in our lap and he watches an educational show til he falls asleep...he loves it...LOL

We start them off nerdy.......:)

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Mary said...

Nice to see you that you updated! Don't little kiddos say the most innocent and sincere things.

Love the... "start them out nerdy" LOL