Thursday, January 08, 2009

Things are a chhh chhhanging.

I had to change up the blog. I don't blame people for not visiting...heck, I didn't want to visit...I wanted to drive nails up my arms...before logging on. My problem is :

A. I am never happy with something.
B. I am the most indecisive person ever...I could have a gun to my head and would still have to analyze the situation.
C. I am very type A.
D. I second guess everything

And the list goes on and on.

Another ...get ready for this...I am ashamed to admit this....
**takes a minute to gather herself**

I think I was born.......

without the......

get ready for it.....

BLOGGING GENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh the horror!

Seriously, though..I feel like I am the MOST boring blogger on the planet.

I mean I feel like the blogging version of an ambien:P

I think I am pretty dang funny in real life..I was even voted class clown in high school. But I don't think it translates well on the computer.

I think maybe because you can't tell a person's a tone.

So people online think one of two things...

A. I am nuts.
B. Or a totally witch

I totally admit I am a little of both but not the best features ;)

I so wish I could hold everybody action with my fantastic wit but ain't going to happen.

I have no wonderful tails of my jet setting life...instead I have tales of potty training hell, tales of living in somewhere that isn't my first choice and tales of being a rebel in a frumpy mom's body.

I need to work on self confidence I is such the disappoint to look in the mirror and be like I don't really look like that do I??? guess so....Time can be cruel I tell you!

I do have a super cute little man, even if he always looks like he is in need of a bath...**think Pigpen from Charlie Brown**. He is super funny...and already a 4 year old stand up comic.:) He brightens my day everyday:) I truly feel like I won a kiddo lottery.

Anyway, even though I have a crap camera and no photoshoping skills I think I will share pics just because....:)

Yeah...just just pretend....that's my motto:)

Here is a pic I call....

"What did I do to deserve this"

Yeah ttball is a No go for this year :)

Notice the expanse of leg showing...this is because he was wallowing around out in the outfield and we had to drag him to home plate ;)

I call this one....

" I am going to mark all in your bible when you aren't looking"

I call this

"I crack myself up!"

I call this....

"God, he is cute :)"

More pics later :)


Meg said...

He is so cute Jade. He's growing so fast!

dana said...

Jade, you crack me up! I am so like you....the gun to the head made me laugh b/c I am the same way. LMAO! It's ok, sweetie, you're not alone. lol!

Houston is so stinkin' cute!! I can't believe how big he's getting. And his eyes...girl, y'all are going to have trouble! LOL!

p.s. how's RCIA? Is the Answer Bible not the best?