Friday, January 30, 2009

Thought provoking questions....1,2,3,4 and 5

I have decided I am going to answer at LEAST five "deep" questions every an effort for you all to get to know me better and to shake things up!Feel free to answer them in the comment section or on your blog as well!

1.Do you think God has a sense of humor?

Absolutely! We are created in his image. I think we all have a "God is getting a laugh out of this" moment! I know I have plenty.

2. How can we love our neighbors when we don't love ourselves?

This is tricky. I know I actually have more issues with loving myself than I do other people. I TRY to see God in others...but have a hard time seeing him in myself.I don't know why I judge myself by unattainable standards I would never judge others by. I have always had issues with self esteem. This is something I have been praying and working on. God loves us all the same. God loves my child as much as he loves me, he loves my friends as much as he does me, he loves the guy who broke into my car as MUCH as he loves me. Something to remember for sure.

3.What was a defining moment in your life.

I think life is a series of defining moments. Four I think of immediately are:

Getting sick. The day the doctor told me there was a tumor in my chest, I knew my life would be forever changed. I never imagined the path my life has taken. But I take the good with the bad and it is brought me I don't regret it.

Finding out I was pregnant. I was so happy but so scared. The doctors had told me over and over again not to get pregnant for a year. I know see it was perfect in God's time. I feel so very blessed to have been given the gift of motherhood. There aren't words to describe the love you feel for your child.

Finding out my son was autistic. It wasn't necesssary the path I would have chosen or that I invisoned for my child but it makes him him. If God could take the autism totally away I wouldn't want him to. There is a reason for everything and I trust in God's plan. I also feel very lucky that God gave me such a wonderful support system. Houston is fearfully and wonderfully made. He isn't imperfect, just different :)

My last miscarriage. I think the reason this one hit me the hardest...was because I was farther along. We had seen her little heart. I was getting a belly....I was past the worrying stage and in the safe zone. I think in some ways it made it harder to know her sex. We later found out that she had a complete trisomy 8 and it is always fatal. This made me realize from the moment she was concieved that she was one of God's special angels. She was never meant to have an earthly life. That helps tremendously. I think of her and the other early pregnany losses as much my children as I do Houston. I think about them all the time. Wondering how different my life would be with 4 kids 4 and under but then realize that wasn't God's plan and trust in his timing, his love and knowledge.

4.If you could go back in time and make a different choice would you?

I can honestly say no.

Last but not least

5.If you could only wish for one thing for your child what would it be?

Wisdom. I think that if you have wisdom then all the other things love, God, understanding, family etc falls into place. So I pray that Houston will always wisdom:)


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