Saturday, February 20, 2010

Step AWAY from the glue GUN.

Seriously, I never know when to stop. I had a baby shower that I helped out with today.

I always wayyyyyyyyy over make crafty goodies ESPECIALLY if it's for someone who is a crafty person too :)

I made Christy a corsage

Then I made the diaper cake

Then I made a diaper wreath...

Which is where I should have stopped...LOL

But I had to make two more baskets :P

Wish I had gotten a better picture off all the cuteness inside :)

I just couldn't stop. I never can. Nothing is funnier to me than doing something crafty and I am sooo dang OCD about it is nuts.

Everything has to be coordinated and I get consumed by the little details... :P The joy of having a type A personality.

I need more hobbies ;)

Honestly, if I hadn't seemed obsessed I would have probably made a blanket...LOL

I seriously, need a 12 step program.

I had to go cold turkey on scrapbooking for a while....because Houston had 20 books at 4 years old...**hangs her head***

It is sick and horrifying I know.

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