Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I am alive just kinda wishing I wasn't...

Okay, that is an exaggeration but not by much. I have the infected salivary gland again. And the pain is ungodly. My teeth ache, my ear aches, my face is swollen and hurts.

Not fun.

I have a feeling that they will want to do continuous IV antibiotics...sometimes I balk at going into the hospital and they let me drive up every day to do it, but I feel so bad this time, I will just let them put me in.

I have had no sleep and still haven't managed to be pain free.

I just wanted you all to know I am alive, just sick...which is basically the story of my life.

This week or so has been ROUGH, I am not even going to lie...lots of crying because of the pain and the frustration of never feeling good.

I would love to feel "normal". I know that won't happen so I just want to get back to "my" normal.

Going to lay in the bed and whimper some more :(

I may be being a pansy but what can I say!? It hurts :(

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Marva said...

Hi again! Just letting you know that I am lifting you up in prayer.

Hope you feel better soon! Blessings!!!