Sunday, February 21, 2010

Am I liberal christian??

I know some people think it is an oxymoron ;)

Just curious. I like in a conservative area and I have had this discussion many times....People have told me I am a little more liberal than most :P I would agree....

Here is some of my insight...and I totally admit it may be flawed....but I am putting it ALL out there. If you agree, disagree let me know. It WILL NOT hurt my feelings I promise.

I love to discuss religion...which I know is TABOO ;)

Now let the rambling commence ;)

I think a lot of people think of liberal as being saying killing babies is okay, me that isn't what it means.I personally know that I could never kill my child, even in the situation I was in were the baby had no chance at life.

I think I am more liberal in these areas :

I support helping the unfortunate,I feel that it's HUGELY important. Faith without good works is dead...

I don't think Jesus would tell people they don't deserve/need healthcare..because they can't afford it. I am not saying that the healthcare reform we are getting is 100% right, it isn't but some reform needs to be done.I don't see how people can't think the current system is broken. But I be biased with all that I have seen.....

I think that Jesus was an advocate for helping the unfortunate :) So I think he would be fine with healthcare reform. :)

I don't think he would be good with dishonest people...screwing the system...but that goes for everyday life as well.

As for the gay marriage issue......I know this is a HUGEEEEEEEEEEE hot button issue for A LOT of is my two cents:

I don't think God hates gay people.

Jesus is a tolerant God...I think you are born gay, I don't think it is a choice...which I know a lot of people would disagree with.......but it's just my view..BUT i realize A LOT of you do think it is a choice. I just know I have NO choice on what type of man I am attracted I would think it would be the same for others???

I don't think any one's bedroom habits are for me to judge...... I would never live the lifestyle but God loves us all and I don't think that living a gay lifestyle is going to send you to hell...that is just me, and I may be wrong?!

People say it is unnatural, because a child can't come from the union but I would argue that birth control is a sin because it does the same thing....but that could be the catholic in me talking ;)

I try and love everyone,as Jesus said love my neighbor :)

I don't feel comfortable judging....because ultimately it doesn't matter what WE think.I am not divine nor do I have divine insight...kwim?

I think that ANY sin is a stumbling block that puts you farther away from God....which is never I feel like my judging is just as determental to me...personally.

I think regardless of your sin if you are truly sorry and ask for forgiveness he you think there are any unforgivable sins?? I really am curious :)

That being said...I don't think it means that we have a constant get out of jail card and you can keep doing the same means you are repentant...and sorry.

I feel like while I don't agree with things others are engaging in I should probably try to be tolerate. To still give them love. To try and make them "know" God...I may be the only person who has reached out to them in that way.

I don't think that God is going to going to only let certain denominations in heaven, I think if you have a relationship with are going to heaven...if you put him first.

I may be totally delusional! I just try to have the best relationship with God I can have everyday.

I know a lot of you will disagree and I understand..I am just kinda thinking out loud :)


CoveredInCrafts said...

I know what you mean on a lot of those points. I'm a Christian but I find myself really being liberal on social issues. I don't think the government should try to force others into or out of things because of my religion... Now i'm thinking out loud.

I just started reading about the Libertarian Party. I"m not set on not being republican anymore or not but it's an interesting read. :)

Anyway I enjoyed reading your blog!

Stacey said...

I totally get what you're saying and I agree.

I am pro life and I do not agree with abortion as a form of bc. I, like you, would never be able to abort no matter what was wrong with my child. I believe in giving my child a fighting chance and if God says no then so be it. But I do believe in the death penalty. Lots of people don't get that.

I also believe that being gay or bisexual is not a choice. There could be outside factors that push a person toward their sexual preference but I think for the most part it's not something one can control.

I know we need to fix the health care in this country but I don't know how to go about it. You will never please everyone. I am thankful we have a group policy and that we have insurance because we would never get a private policy. But I don't know about a gov't run system. I'm worried about having to wait for months on end to see a specialist. I've heard how it is in Canada and how so many people are unhappy. I just don't know.

Anywhoo... I agree :)