Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Personality quirks and some old pics :)

Someone asked if I had a pic of my moms dress. This is about the best I have....most of her wedding pics burned up in a housefire.

It is so pretty and considering it was 29 years ago I think she did a great job. It had a very Grace Kelly feeling. I would have worn it but the length and sleeves were to short and it was snug through the ribcage and I didn't want to have to change anything about it. I loved it just as it was. It is a lot pretty than most dresses from the late 70's.

A old pic I thought was sweet of me and my youngest brother. He was almost a year old at the time. He was so little due to his health problems. He was being feed through a tube :(

I like it though because it is sooo strange to me how genetically we can look so different but we have a lot of the same health issues...genetics are STRANGE.

Okay, on to other stuff.

I have realized throught the course of the day, as I have been going through Houston's clothes to see what I can pass down to my friend's son and what works for this next year just how OCD I am.

I knew I had an issue with buying multiples with food but apparently I do it with clothes.

There were multiple shirts that I apparently bought at different times...that were exactly the same.

I also have the tendency to by the same thing but in different colors. He has 8 pairs of the exact same shorts in different colors :O

I also realize that appartently buried somewhere in my DNA code I am a long lost Duggar...I even have a picture to prove it...I will post it in a bit...anyway.

I somehow seem to forget while cooking,etc. that we are only a family of 3. See these....Houston and I made cupcakes...

These 7 would have be suffient...well I have 17 more :P

(PS He helped frost ;) )

I don't know why I do this...I don't do it conciously...???

Anyone else have any wierd quirks..???

And as promised...Jade as a long lost duggar...and yes my mother made that dress :P

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