Monday, August 17, 2009

My Philosophy on Raising Children

I found a cool blog that has lots of blog topics which is something I struggle with ;P

I would love to hear what your philosophy is.

NOOOOOOO Judgements.

My philosophy is basically that I don't have one...LOL....I am an adapter ;)

My philosophy is very child led. I think all children are individuals. I don't think the same philosophy works the same for any two kids.

I try to make decisions based on my values,lifestyle and what I think is best for Houston.

I admit I am a a bit "crunchy."

I don't think any philosophy is any more right than another but for US and for my child a more AP philosophy works best for us.

I wore Houston as a baby.We co slept, which I got a ton of flack for but with Houston's seizures I felt much more safe doing this than having him across our home.

I think another reason this works for us is that there is a basic belief that the baby needs to be nurtured by his parents for a few years and with Houston's autism, I couldn't agree more.

I realize that he moves at his own pace. A lot of things he did way late, a lot he did way early.

Also, we practice developmentally appropriate discipline. In some ways Houston is behind and you can't expect him to respond like a typically developing child but in a lot of ways he is cognitively a head so I know what works for him wouldn't work for another child.

I also try to limit processed foods for Houston. We try to eat as much organic stuff as possible. It may make no difference but I feel it can't hurt.

Also,Houston won't receive any more vaccinations. He started having the seizures less than 24 hours after having his first MMR so the ped and I agreed no more. Also, because of my immune issues and the fact that I don't produce the antibodies that they want your body to make it may not have been beneficial for him anyway.

I basically think Dr. Sears is a smart guy. How about you?


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Melissa said...

You have a good outlook on raising your son.
I do what works for each of my children as well. Kids are unique - no two are alike. I have different methods for raising my son and daughter. If I didn't things would be totally out of control. They are both so different and always have been.
Parents should do what works for them and not worry about what other people think is right or wrong.
My mom had strong opinions about how our son co-slept for so long. It worked for us and we all slept beautifully. Now she complains about how my daughter, who has always been an independent sleeper requires you stay with her until she actually falls asleep.
It works for us.
And yes, Dr. Sears appears to be a smart guy. ;)

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