Sunday, August 23, 2009

*Insert Witty Title*

I wish I didn't have such blog block.

I feel like I have the most boring blog on the block :P

It isn't easy to use,it isn't pretty and I wish it looked like all the blogs I liked...LOL

I think I would write more :P

This last week has been hellish to say the least. We all have had bronchitis....we are now the proud owners of a fire truck neubulizer.

They don't come cheap. I spend a few hundred dollars just on meds for the dang thing for us:P


Yesterday, I took Houston to see two movies. Jeremy had a work thing and we can't really get out in the heat...that is if we want to breathe so inside it was.
We saw X-games and then we saw Shorts. The X-game movie was good...shorts was my opinion. Houston loved it though so I guess that made it worth it.

We got up and went to church this morning and I was still dragging from yesterday.

I think it is because my treatment is due. I can't get it until Tuesday though so one more day of feeling bad and Houston has a playdate here tomorrow...yeah...hope she doesn't mind a messy house ;P

Jeremy and I are watching Torchwood as I type...I think it is hilarious that I have gotten him hooked on British tv....Torchwood and Dr. Who are our favorites. I like that Houston can watch Dr. Who or Dr. Hoop as he calls him too.

Waiting on dinner to cook. I was craving a hamburger yesterday so I did what I rarely do.....went and bought ground beef....they smell good :) going to put some swiss on them and we are all good....:)

So what have you all been up to the last few days?

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